Where’s my Black Widow!?

When you take a look at the Marvel movies that are coming out within the next four years you see pure gold. The new captain America, Antman, Dr. strange, and the new avengers movie age of Ulrton. Everyone was extremely excited when the list of the movies came out. Although one thing still remains unseen. A black widow movie. Natasha Romanoff also known as black widow is the female component to the avengers. This agent of Shield with “red on her ledger”, is possibly one of the coolest additions of the team. A master of all martial arts, fantastic shot with a gun, and just the right amount of sass to keep Tony Stark AKA Iron Man, on his toes. So in saying that why don’t we have her backstory movie yet? When asked about a black widow movie nothing has been said directly from the Marvel company, however there are speculation that Marvel does not want to pursue a female lead superhero movie as there is not a “big enough” audience to go to such a movie. They also said that about Guardians of The Galaxy, a more recent movie that Marvel had put out. Since Guardians of the Galaxy does not include Captain America, the Hulk, or Thor, or the other “more we’ll known” heros, they were a little more open in what they did with this movie, pushing the envelope. They ended up breaking up box office records for the month of August and immediately announced a second movie. So for this movie that they did not expect to do well actually beat records, so why can they not do the same thing with a black widow movie? It does not matter what marvel puts out people will go see it.

If you build it, the will come (Field of Dreams, 1989)

Although Field of Dreams may have been a movie about baseball, the theory still stands, if you make a Black Widow movie, people will see it. The following that this company has could put out The worst movie ever made in theory, (I believe that it’s impossible for Marvel to make a bad movie) yet people would still go to it because they love the cinematic marvel universe that much. If they can take a risk and make guardians of the galaxy what’s the problem with the backstory for black widow, people want it, people will see it, and it would be great. The 50’s are long since past a strong female lead who isn’t being tied to train tracks can and, will make money. So take the dive Marvel and give me my strong female hero!

If you can can take a risk with Guardians of the Galaxy you can take a risk with A Black Widow movie.


4 thoughts on “Where’s my Black Widow!?

  1. I’d rather they hold off a little longer on a Black Widow movie. Instead, they should do a Captain Marvel movie first. I think we need a female superhero movie. We’ve only ever had one, and that was Supergirl. Right now, women in superhero movies are always Femmes Fatale. Every damned time. Elektra, Catwoman, Black Widow, even Agent Carter – they’re women who can kick ass, but they’re still human. There are no women who can trade punches with the Hulk, and I think that’s something we should see. Someone who’s powerful and who’s also morally unambiguous – someone who’s a straight-up hero, and who was a straight-up hero even before getting powers.

    Once that’s been done, that’s when a Black Widow movie should be done. Because at that point, you’ve got the variety.


    1. Very fair point, even She-hulk movie would too be a good starting point for the female superhero branch. Now that Marvel has begun to have such a following the need to really pull up their socks and think outside the box, Captain Marvel would be another brilliant choice as you said. Although my only worry is that with a Captain Marvel, or She-Hulk movie they wouldn’t give them justice as the comics do. You raise a great opinion on the matter of the “human” aspect as well, as much as I would love to see a Black Widow movie, being able to see She Hulk in the future would be amazing. That could open up the radar for a future Avengers series.


  2. Interesting thoughts about the Marvel movies. Do you think this is partly because the heroes we have seen on film are all from the comics past when views about women were much more restrictive than they are now?

    Whichever sort of female lead in a comics movie, it’s pretty sad that fans clearly indicate they want one, but the studios, writers, directors etc can’t get it together. It’s pretty clear that an audience is there, it isn’t a risk at all, really. The problem seems to be that nobody can agree on what sort of female hero to depict. Have a look at the awful history of the attempts to make a Wonder Woman movie in recent years.


    1. The hero’s we have now are mostly the “A list” Hero’s. Batman, Thor, Iron Man etc. So on top of having the more popular and well known Hero gang, we have exactly what you said, comics from the past. So were almost getting a double whammy, of stuck in the past and “not popular enough”

      The audience is 100% ready for a Female lead comic book movie, and hopefully when the studio pulls their socks up, something can be put together, I know when they finally get a Wonder Woman (If that ever happens, now I hear she’s just getting a cameo in the Batman Vs. Superman Movie) or Black Widow movie I’ll be first in line among so many others to see it.


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