Wade Wilson (A.K.A My Anti-hero ♥)

Wade Wilson; also know as Deadpool, the “merc with a mouth” and anti-hero, also the sassy hero that had won my heart quickly. With his popularity on the rise within the past 20 or so years since his first appearance in the 90’s X-Men series and then later his own series, FINALLY news have been confirmed a movie is being made to be for released February of 2016 (Lets just not speak of the 2009 X-Men Origins: Wolverine rendition of Deadpool, because seriously it was just terrible – I mean they took away his mouth. they took the “Merc with a Mouth Deadpool” and took away his mouth). It has gone back and forth if a Deadpool movie would ever be made, until some test footage was leaked. This caused a mass uproar and excitement among fans all over, soon the movie was green lit for a release in a little over a year. Although one question among fans remains, what will this movie be rated? Personally for a decent Deadpool movie, it hands down needs to be a rated “R” movie. Deadpool is known for his black humored wit, and lots of violence, so in order to even manage a decent film they can’t cut anything out. Marvel has yet to make a major motion picture with such a high rating with the exception of Daredevil, so for them to take a chance to take a higher rating like it should would be completely worth any risk. If this movie was branded with authentic Deadpool-esque theme (Blood, swearing, sarcasm and wit) the fans would be over the moon. If a PG-13 rating is issued, I can assure that it won’t live up to the potential it truly has. Today’s movies can push the bar a lot more than it used to be, so here’s hoping that Marvel and Fox who technically owns the rights for X-men related movies, will take a dangerous step and make this movie the way it needs to be – hilarious, violent, and Great.

With Deadpool to be making his major debut in his first stand alone comic book series in 1997 it neat to see how far Marvel and comic publishing as a whole, had come seeing as the comic book code was in effect not to long before that. In 2001, Marvel Comics withdrew from the CCA, they didn’t need this comic approved seal on their work. Comic publishers went from having such a strict guideline to follow to nothing. Many comics were still being pushed out and bought without the “Seal of approval” so now we get to enjoy wondrous comics like Deadpool. Some still may think that this type of violent comic will teach the children nothing but terrible things, as long as they do not disrupt my comics they can think as they please. The fact of the matter remains it makes me personally, ecstatic to be able to enjoy these types of superhero comics. To think about having a type of Comic Book Code on the characters I know and love today is slightly bone chilling to think of – I mean what would I do without my Sassy Deadpool talking to my other personal favorite Loki God of Mischief?




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