Zombies or a Goldmine for Success?

Sunday night, the sun has gone down and the light of another day is gone. Most people would be sleeping at the late hour of 10pm, however there are the recent cult following that is staying up past bedtimes to watch the recent episode of the walking dead. This show, based off the popular comic book series has blown up to a major uproar in the past few years. Quickly becoming T.V’s #1 rated show (with spineoff show in the works) and AMC’s goldmine to success.

Although the comic books were around well before the show and were overtly popular, has the popularity of the show given the comics more of a following? I believe so. This show has drawn in so many more people to want to read the comics, and honestly might have even made more people open to reading comics by not being so “ashamed” of the “nerdy” activity. The Walking Dead have made such a impact for the comic world, the popularity of the show has made almost a starting point for people to begin reading comics. Instead of gateway drugs, its like a gateway comic. I know a few people who refused to even touch a comic book, that is until the walking dead, they then wanted to enjoy these books, mainly as a way to see what happens next when the series is on hiatus between seasons. However, they began to ask me about other comics, like certain Marvel series and DC and where they could start reading because they enjoyed the Walking dead so much.

The Walking Dead is originally a Black and white print comic, which is a wonderful idea the idea of having colour with all the gore and guts might be too much for one to stomach. The show however, is in full blown colour which is great, mainly because it keeps the audience entertained and wanting more. They did a release of the very first episode in a black and white scheme which was also great treat to bigger fans – like myself.  The black and white scheme in the comics personally I believe are better. A zombie Apocalypse is a dark time, filled with dark happenings, colour print might take away from that creepy atmosphere. When your reading the comic, the Medium really is the message, you take in reading different than watching it. When you read the comic, you have to use your imagination on what is happening, the black and white just opens that much more imagination usage for you. The T.V show its being shown to you so it almost needs that colour to keep people entertained and keep them watching, sadly many don’t like to use their imagination when watching T.V they’d rather be a mindless non thinking drone.

Regardless if you’re watching or reading, The Walking Dead is a great component of the comic book world. Its great it has such a massive following now, and hopefully more will come from the series.

And Just for Comedy Relief

walking-dead-meme-2 tumblr_nddx64iitd1tozulso1_500


4 thoughts on “Zombies or a Goldmine for Success?

  1. The Black and White Tv episode really felt a lot like reading the comic. I’d watch them that way, but I think most of their audience wants it in colour. It is hard to believe that the comic has been going for ten years. I keep talking in class about manga that go on for a decade, but with less pages, The Walking Dead has also been dragging us along with these people in this world for as long. That’s still pretty unusual in comics though.


    1. I would easily watch the black and white versions over the colour too. Its great to see something go on for as long as 10 years, and on top of that still remain popular enough for a massive TV hit.


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