Who Will Win the War Marvel? Or D.C.?

Recently, Marvel made a major publicity move. They released the names and plans for the next 9 films (Picture below), or the entirety of Phase Three. This press release (Which was not available via live video, only blog) caused a mass uproar among fans. Many who have began to try and deduce where the Avengers will be after the infinity war, and if the movies in fact, do stay true to the comics. (no spoilers from me don’t worry) What we do know, is a broad story line of where our favorite hero will be going, and the excitement and rumbling from fans continuously buzz in preparation for the 9 part series.


(Avengers Infinity War: Part Two behind Kevin Feige)

The fans that are so involved and invested in these comics and series, would do anything and everything to get to see these films come to the big screen. DC the rival Marvel in the superhero world, released plans for their next 10 movies just a few weeks prior to the Marvel event. So now there is 19 Superhero movies too look forward too by 2020, and the possibility of more. Not to mention the 3 Marvel TV/Netflix only series planing to be released on top of DC’s, Arrow, Flash, and Gotham series. Fans rejoice as this is the time for Superhero movies, the characters we all have read and fallen in love with have now gotten so popular that people everywhere, even those who many not be long time fans are excited and rejoice.


(Marvel and DC’s timeline through 2020, some remain unconfirmed,  and still rumors)

The fact of the matter remains, in this massive movie press release, who win? Personally I have my heart and soul set with Marvel, they have always have, and always will have my heart. However, the interesting Press release as almost a competition between the two is interesting. They both have been hard at work trying and achieving great movies productions, (… Well Batman for DC.) and the fact is there will always be a competition of who is better,  just like the old Star Wars VS Trek argument.  If the two companies want to argue, fight, and battle each other back and forth I’m okay with it especially when I get 19+ new movies in the next few years out of it. The only thing that I ask is that the movies remain true to the comics, and the battle over being the best doesn’t fluctuate the quality of the movies we all hold so dear and true.

Whats most exciting about the movie release is the fact that Marvel has promised a Captain Marvel movie, and Peggy Carter T.V series AND a Wonder Woman movie from DC. This means we get not only one, but TWO solely female lead movies.  If this doesn’t excite people I don’t know what will. Women play a large role in the comic book world, and the movies have been severely lacking the promise and want of a female lead in any movie, the closest we have gotten is Black Widow in the Avengers series (Although I’m happy for Captain Marvel, I wish Black Widow would get her own movie, that would just be phenomenal). The two studios are finally taking that jump into the deep end, by giving us the woman lead movie it could possibly bring in more of an audience from these movies.  Wonder Woman having to be included for her part in the Justice League and if all plays out like I want it too Captain Marvel being apart of the “New Avengers” or even in “Avengers Infinity War” (especially as her movie comes out just shortly before Infinity War). excites me so much, and hopefully many others.

So not only have we been given so much to look forward too in the next 6 years or so but, with all this Super charged girl power coming gives us so much more. Even if everything turns out like crap and its not what we all hoped and dreamed (Even though we know it will be everything we have ever asked for and wanted), the one and only thing I ask is that Guardians 2 has just as great as a soundtrack as the first one, because Awesome Mix. 1 was just so great, I can’t wait for Awesome Mix. 2



3 thoughts on “Who Will Win the War Marvel? Or D.C.?

  1. Noone will win the war, because the war is never truly over. But I think that Marvel will the box office battle for sure, DC will (like always) win the battle for the animated shows (honestly, now that Marvel is owned by Disney I would expect a little bit more competence, but so far, no dice), and the battle for the Live-Action TV segment will be very, very tight. My money is on Marvel for this one, too, though. Their plan is way better thought out.


    1. DC has a monopoly on the animated versions 100% and personally I don’t think that will change anytime soon. Marvel has spaced their plan out, with much more thought behind it. DC I find is trying to do too much too soon, slowing it down and taking their time will bring them more success down the road.


      1. It’s not even that…it’s mostly their insistance to stick to their gritty style which worries me. Or, to be precise, that they combine gritty with downright depressive. That worked for the Nolan Trilogy, but time changes. I don’t think that the general audience is currently in the mood for depressive, there is enough of that in real live.
        Also, while it is nice that they picked a female director for Wonder Woman, I think picking a writer who is good with writing female characters would have been more important. In the end the quality of a movie hinges first and foremost on the script.
        I wonder why DC wants to wait so long before they release Dawn of Justice. I think it would be smarter to do so before the movie has to win against six to ten other superhero movies in the same year.


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