Tony Stark, Ultron, and One Smart Move By Disney. (Major Spoilers)

“This is the end, the end of the path I started us on”

-Tony Stark (Age Of Ultron Trailer)

So what does this mean? Well in the recent weeks as many of us know Phase three of Marvels master plan was announced. Nine movies that all lead up into Avengers: Infinity War, a mass collision of Marvel superheros in battle against the titian Thanos who we briefly have met in the first “Guardians of the Galaxy” movie.  The movie list that was released has definitely pushed towards this massive conflict with Thanos in Infinity War. If all goes correctly, Ultron will place some problems in the the Avengers team.

Ultron-Marvel-Comics-Annihilation-Conquest-5So who is Ultron ?  The “ultimate drone”—a creation of Tony Stark fused with Artificial Intelligence, a self consciousness that can transfer from different mechanical mechanisms, and Tony Stark’s very own personality, sounds awfully dangerous to me. The movie version of Ultron takes a different take from the comic books, where he’s created by Hank Pym (Ant Man Series). However, with a lack of an Ant Man movie before the release of the new Avengers movie, we can hardly expect to hear anything about Hank Pym in relation to Ultron. Iron Man 3  showed that the suits could do enough damage on their own without Stark himself in the control. So A.I., Stark’s Iron man suits, and Ultron’s desire to destroy the “unworthy” humankind scream “The End”.


Steve Rogers (Captain America) shield, broken from the Age of Ultron trailer.

So is this truly the end? Has Tony created the final steps in a path that can only lead to destruction and demise for our beloved Avengers? It appears that it could be possible. The tensions have started to rise within the group, and within the trailer you can see certain foreshadowing to lead to the Civil War series (Which was confirmed) The civil war series will break the team up, putting Hero against Hero in a battle over the “Superhero Registration Act”  “A legislative bill which required the mandatory registration of any person based in the United States with super powers” This puts major conflict between mainly Steve Rogers otherwise know as our lovable Captain America and Tony Stark. The end of this series (Spoiler ahead) leads into the untimely death of Steve Rogers, leaving the Avengers team broken, incomplete, and not ready for what’s to come. If the series go as planed, and are true to the comics, yes Tony Stark really has created the end of a path.

Disney, (who owns Marvel) has created this multi-movie franchise, looping in all these different stories and themes. Keeping fans intrigued on what will happen next and what movie to look forward too. However, with the “end” that Stark has created what will this mean after the Avengers. Disney, being the smart company it is, has lined up just enough movies and plots to continue well after this mass explosion of super-movies is done. Black Panther, Guardians Three, and more Doctor Strange are just a few of the possible sequels they could have planed out, and possibly (here’s hoping) a new team, or the “New Avengers”. Regardless of the future plans for after phase three of Marvels Decade long commitment, we have great movies to storylines to keep us on our toes well after 2020 has passed. Disney and Marvel Studios have yet to disappoint me, and I have the utmost faith in them that they will continue on their path of success, and not the path that Tony Stark created for The Avengers.


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