Wonder Woman Director Hired – And its a Woman.

Vince Gilligan and Michelle MacLaren with their Emmy (2013)

Vince Gilligan and Michelle MacLaren with their Emmy (2013)

Over the years people have begged and begged for a Wonder Woman movie – and they finally got what they asked for. In recent news it has been announced that a director has finally been chosen and its none other than, Michelle MacLaren, personally I think this is a great choice for the film. MacLaren has a wonderful track record for her work including the very popular show Breaking Bad which she produced, and extremely popular Walking Dead series directing a few episodes.

c3699692-8418-4543-9ba2-5927c8e75bef-snyder-teases-again-did-he-just-reveal-another-batsuit-for-batman-vs-supermanLooking back at MacLaren’s work on the show The Walking Dead,some of the series’ best moment came from her direction, including the fourth season finale. So now we have a very promising director for a very promising movie. Staring Gal Gadot the movie will be released to theaters June 2017. Gadot however will be making a cameo appearance Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (March 2016) and is also expected to appear in 2017’s Justice League.

When thinking about Wonder Woman its most definitely know that a strong female character needs to be had. So in order to get this – you need a strong director. Anyone that can produce such an show stopping hit like Breaking Bad, can easily take this movie and do wonders with it. Not to mention that MacLaren is Canadian which makes her that much cooler.

Recently young women are beginning to crave a female hero someone to look up to, a very popular choice among many is Katniss Everdeen (Hunger Games). Hopefully if all goes well, and with good directing by MacLaren, these youngsters will have a new idol. Warner Bro’s hopefully hired a female director as a way to get that Female input that is needed in a female lead hero movie. If they play their cards right this can, and hopefully will bring in an entire new audience to the Superhero genre. This movie can be a truly wonderful movie, and I hope to see great things in 2017.

All I wish from the Wonder Woman movie is that it matters, and its not a quick money grab from Warner Brothers. Bringing in a Female perspective in on this movie, to me, shows they do care. Also that they are willing and ready to make a strong, female character lead.


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