The Beauty of Adaptations. (When Done Right)

Brandon Lee as Draven (The Crow)

Brandon Lee as Eric Draven (The Crow)

Everyone is used to seeing books and novels being made into movies, even Novella’s such as “Stephan Kings The Mist” has been made into a major motion picture. When you think about it, many of today’s hit movies produced are books. Now, what has become more popular than ever before is the production of Comic, manga, and graphic novels into the cinematic universe. Sin City, Superhero, The Crow, 300, and Hellboy just to name a few.


Sin City (2005)

Now the major issue like most adaptations is always how well does the movie portray the original text? When you look at productions like “Sin City” the black and white theme was kept for the duration of the movie, with a small amount of colour thrown in – Just like the comic. Frank Miller, the author of the series, also wrote, produced, and directed the two movies. Now when the original writer of these comics are hired to work on the film, the movie is almost always going to do justice to the comic. They are still, however, going to be small differences within the two. Certain plot points could be revealed earlier in the movie to keep cinematic audiences interested, where as in the written version, certain things mightn’t be shown right away as a way for the reader to want to continue the series.


Hayao Miyazaki

Also, we have Hayao Miyazaki , a massively popular animation directors from Japan, The Walt Disney Company has been introducing the films Miyazaki has made with well done dubbed voices from very well known actors; Disney’s plan is to show the world his beautiful works, for people to appreciate this work. “Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind”, originally a manga, was one of the works that Disney chose to Dub over the original. These individual movies are beautiful, and the animation is done flawlessly. Personally, I had only seen and realized about the films the other day, and was amazed at the work before me. My eyes were glued to the screen as the gorgeous animation continued. The adaption from manga to animation is flawless here and I cannot wait to watch more of these films.

Eric Draven as The Crow (Comic)

The Crow, one of my personal favorites is originally a graphic novel, when the movie was made it Brandon Lee who was cast to play this dark, intense, and powerful Eric Draven. Many of the fight scenes in this picture are true to those in the Novel, along with much of the text remains the same. Its great to see so much similarities with stories like Sin City and the Crow. Making the audience to hopefully want more. Now, where the crow does have squeals and if I do stand correctly a T.V series, they do not however, include Brandon Lee’s heart stopping performance from the first movie. Lee’s untimely death happened during filming of the first movie, he died of a gunshot wound from an accidental shooting on set. The movie was still released, as a majority of the film had already been shot. Its a shame that such a great movie, and adaption with so much promise for more – fell so short. There are rumors that there is plans for a remake of this movie, productions to start hopefully Spring 2015.


Scene from “Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind”

However, not everything is as good as it seems. When the correct writers are apart of the project – you achieve a great cinematic masterpiece. For the longest time though the Superhero genre was nothing short of crap to be blunt. Movies like the Hulk and Green Lantern were some of these terrible, terrible, adaptions. Green Lantern I couldn’t even bear the first fifteen minutes. When its good – its good. Thankfully, many of the adaptions we see today are the good ones. The want for these movies are growing, and getting better. The work that is put into graphic novels, manga, and comics is uncanny so why should their on screen alternate be any different?


2 thoughts on “The Beauty of Adaptations. (When Done Right)

  1. Quite the list that you have there… I just finished the first audio book of Game of Thrones. I was astounded how well the work was adapted in the series by HBO. having also read the graphic novel adaptations, it’s important to note how well cross platform adaptions have performed in the eyes of the masses.


    1. The Game of Thrones Series was also really well done as a comparison to the original text. They really take time, thought, and detail management into the production of that show. With the difficultly to show the dark grittiness of the Graphic Novels, to movie version, they still did a phenomenal job doing so. (especially Sin City)


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