AMC and Their Potential For Greatness.

Is AMC cashing in on the Comic-to-T.V- series idea? In Short- yes. However, with all things that are being made as of recent, at least AMC is making something worth watching. Along with the popular Walking Dead series, now news speculates that a Preacher pilot has been issued by AMC. Interestingly enough, Seth Rogan, a long time fan of the comic series is in line to co-produce.

Now with the massive popularity of comics, AMC could be catching on to something. A large amount of T.V. and Film are “Superhero” related these days (The Flash, Arrow, Gotham, etc,). When asked to name a comic series, I’m sure most people could name many of the classic superheros, but would freeze if asked about something from – lets say the Horror genre. 
is something new, and fresh like the Walking Dead was once upon a time. The 75 issue series could make a great T.V. show for AMC. The series is a fresh take on today’s constant Reality and Comedy series that are being pumped out of every station possible.

Preacher, is definitely a horror based comic. The comic surrounds a Jesse Custer, from a small town in Texas. Jesse (The Preacher) tangles up with a creature that has escaped from heaven. Total control is then gained, Jesse with the help of this creature can make anyone – do anything he wished. Jesse, Ex-girlfriend, Tulip, and Cassidy (Irish, and a Vampire – what a fun combination), start on a journey to literally find God.

This sounds like it could have the making of a great T.V. show. Especially if AMC has anything to do with it, the network has created some of my personal favorites, The Walking Dead, Hell On Wheels, and the extremely popular Breaking Bad.   I think AMC see’s the popularity of these types of comics, and can see the success if they chose to make them into a show. Now, if Preacher does well, we could in the future see more comic series come to life. In a past post of mine “Zombies or a Goldmine For Success” I touched base on the massive popularity of “The Walking Dead”. Now AMC has the chance again, to make a number one rated show. The comic-to-T.V. franchise hopefully going to grow with the help of AMC, they must realize the potential that the right comic series can hold.


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