Five Movies You Must See and Why

Anyone who knows me, can say one thing; that I have a massive love for movies. Any type, from horror to Disney, its all good for me. Now to narrow it down to a few favorites is hard, so hopefully as time goes by I’ll add more to the list. As for now, here are five movies you have to see – and why.

1. Shaun of The Dead– This cult classic is every Zombie-lovers favorite comedy. The post apocalyptic film centers around the hero – Shaun (Simon Pegg) and his best mate Ed (Nick Frost) as the end is most certainly near. This movie is an easy pick as its wit and dialogue still makes me laugh since the first night I watched it. For anyone who is a fan of “Hot Fuzz” you too will enjoy this classic comedy. “Go to the Winchester, have a nice cold pint, and wait for all of this to blow over” – Shaun 

2. Jersey Boys – A 2014 film, easily the one of the best films I had seen this year in theaters (The other we’ll learn about later). With Clint Eastwood as the director this movie has all the potential to be an Oscar winning film in my opinion.  The movie is the story of how “Frankie Valley and The Four Seasons”(A great group from the 1960’s, and one of my personal favorites) got together. Also, it shows the hardships and trials that were overcome to make it in the music industry. Jersey Boys is great story to see in the cinema. For anyone who is a music fan this is the movie for you.

3. The Lego Movie – I’m sure this come as an unexpected pick, however, The Lego Movie is a family friendly comedy that features many of our favorite actors. Morgan Freeman, Will Arnett, and Alison Brie are just a few of the voice actors in this hit. Good jokes and a wonderful plot will keep anyone from child, to grandparent entertained. 

4. Silence Of The Lambs – Anything that includes Anthony Hopkins will be great, no questions asked. Silence Of The Lambs is unlike anything I personally have ever seen. The movie plays off the mind, makes you think just how creepy Doctor Lecter truly is. This 1991 hit, was different from what were used to, and I personally haven’t seen anything that’s remotely close to this masterpiece.

5.  Guardians Of The Galaxy – Even though I am a massive Marvel fangirl, this movie is wonderful. The action packed, out-of-this-world movie is easily another “best film” of 2014. Even the sound track had been nominated for an Grammy. This is an awesome example that not all comic adaptions have to be just for the “nerds” and that truly anyone can go and enjoy this film without any prior knowledge to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Filmed with good humor, a great soundtrack, and Chris Pratt, that’s all you need for the makings of a wonderful movie.

So what are some of you’re top five? I’d love to hear suggestions, for what to watch next. Hopefully in due time another top five list will come as there is just far to many movies to talk about.


2 thoughts on “Five Movies You Must See and Why

  1. Some of my top 5 (I don’t recommend ’em, I just watch them endlessly):

    1. The Big Lebowski – Quite possibly the funniest movie of all time.

    2. DRIVE – The Man with No Name is re-purposed into a post-modern-neo-noir-existentialist-fairy-tale. Not hyperbole, but a factual description of the film.

    3. Das Boot – 3 Hours with Germans in the Submarine that Spielberg borrowed for Indiana Jones. Once the sub goes down, you are like one of the crew. One of the most intense and claustrophobic films ever made.

    4. The Thing (Carpenter version, perfect film) Relentlessly stylish, post-cold war paranoia and fear of the “other”, enemy or self cranked up to ’11’ with Flamethrowers strapped on.

    5. Shaun of the Dead – I never get tired of this film, great accompaniment to Night of the Living Dead. “You’ve got red on you…”
    “I’ll stop doing it….when you stop laughing!”


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