Are Zombies the new Vampires?

When Twilight was on the rise it seemed like ever young adult was obsessed. From there began the rise of the Vampire. Every other movie seemed to be based off a teen and her new found “mysterious” lover – who happened to be a vampire. It wasn’t just the young adults becoming infatuated with these blood sucking monsters, even mothers and older women wanted these books and movies. “Vampire Diaries” and “Vampire Academy” are just a two of the examples from the craze but Twilight being one of the major selling points of this comeback. The series has sold over 120 million copies worldwide, and the movies making millions. This franchise brought sparkles into the eyes of the not only Bella- but people across the world. Buffy the Vampire Slayer another massive hit from the 90’s, helped along this mass following, as the older generation who had grown up with the show, were very excited for this little comeback.  However, like most things, the fame comes and goes, and now we’re being bombarded with the Zombie Apocalypse.

Unlike the Vampire attack that seemed to blow up overnight, just like in real life the Zombie Apocalypse has been slow starting and growing faster as the years go by. download (1)With movies like “28 days later” and “Shaun of the Dead” being somewhat popular, shows like “The Walking Dead” record-breaking ratings really have brought a massive love for the dead. Zombies are just a classic Hollywood monster that everyone loves. World War Z another massive hit did incredibly well at the box office, bringing in even more love of the zombie genre. There are even those who believe that the Zombie Apocalypse can – and will happen. It honesty seems like the Zombie franchise is everywhere today. Hollywood is definitely beginning to see that its a massive moneymaker, and using the knowledge to their advantage. However, not only that but the gaming industry is also getting on board with the zombie plan. Some of the most popular games today such as “Left 4 Dead” are about the infestations of Zombies. The Walking Dead has even released a game because the show is so popular.

They both have had their time in the limelight, but it seemed that Zombies, are here to stay; but then again who knows, another classic Hollywood monster could be next. Who wouldn’t want to see “Creature from the Black Lagoon” back, or even more movies and series on Mummies. Or better yet just combine the two and make the ultimate money maker, Zombies and Vampires.


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