Actors Make The Difference.

The God of Mischief does seem like a pretty interesting character on its own – no doubt, but how in the world did Loki – adopted brother of Thor (who also is the God of Thunder) become one of the most popular characters in the Marvel cinematic universe. Easily – Tom Hiddleston. Actors can make a character so much more likable especially when they truly love what they do. Marvel, like most studious try to get the best and right actor possible for each role. In a past post I read, “Do Comic Book Films Need Big A-list Names?” had some good
points concerning the Suicide Squad and other Marvel/DC criteria, I suggest a read if you’re interested. Although, with the recent news that Benedict Cumberbatch has been confirmed for the role of Doctor Strange it made me think even harder, does an A-list actor make a difference?  Why yes they do.

With Marvel having the fame and following they carry an A-list actor is just going to improve the ratings, as the people who already love Marvel will go and see anything they release. However, newcomers might not have gone to a certain movie based on the love for the comic, but the love for the Actor. Cumberbatch has grown exponentially, and has a massive following of fans who are willing to see anything this man is in, regardless of if they are interested or not. This massive fan base, after the release of Doctor Strange, become interested in whats to come for the of the Marvel cinematic universe. So essentially, the A-List actor or actress does in fact make a large difference in the finial product of a Marvel movie.

DC where they have not necessarily caught up to Marvel as of yet, they are on the right tracks. Now some, have almost a brand loyalty to Marvel, so getting these people and all the others interested in the movies from DC is going to take something special. What would be that special thing? A-List actors and actresses. The Suicide Squad, has Will Smith, Tom Hardy, and Jared Leto. The new Batman had Ben Affleck, and even Game of Thrones Jason Mamoa as Aquaman. DC should realize that they are now in a competition and the race is almost at its end. Marvel with its last lap to victory, and DC just leaving the starting line.

Its easy to see that an A-lister will make more money in the box office than someone just starting out in the business. Although, they just don’t pick the first big star that comes in for the role – clearly. Marvel, has nearly a perfect person for each individual character, Chris Pratt in Guardians has to be one of the most accurate character/actor comparison. Both goofy, fun loving people, Marvel truly outdid themselves in this choice as per usual. DC now has to take this into consideration and make sure that they too, are picking the right person for the job and not the best, most well known person for the role.

The actor makes a difference, there’s no doubt in my mind. This not only brings more publicity to a movie, it also brings in fans that didn’t know they were even fans yet. Marvel has a plan, and its working. Hopefully, with any luck DC will learn for Marvels triumphs


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