One Man, One Dream, and One Success Story.

The year – 1937, just two years before WWII, Walt Disney releases his first major motion picture. “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” The launch of this animated classic is the beginning of what will soon become a multi-billion dollar company. snow-white-and-the-seven-dwarfs-uk-movie-poster-1937Creating classics like “Cinderella”, “The Lion King” and “Peter Pan” where did all this success come from, and how, after almost 80 years since Snow White, has Disney managed to stay on top? Walt Disney was a dreamer, he always believed “If you can dream it, you can do it.” The pure passion in which Walt took his dream, and made it reality is simply astonishing, and can be inspiration for anyone. He made sure that what was being produced was nothing but the best, or it would not have the Walt Disney Company’s name on it.

Walt, understood what happiness was, he understood the concept down to his very core. For Walt, everyone deserved to have the joy of a child in their everyday life. Image: Walt DisneySo he made a place where even the oldest, grumpiest, man could have a wonderful day filled with magic, happiness, and joy. The creation of Disneyland was for the realization Walt had – he wanted not just the children to have fun but the adults also. June, 1955 Walt got this dream, and later on made a larger, more spacious Disney World in Orlando Florida. Walt, sadly passed away 1966 before the construction of the new park.

Even after the death of Walt, one thing remains to this day, one mans dream can become a reality. Disney not always receiving the best reception for some of its actions like the pull from classic Disney shows to newer based sitcoms, remains for me the “Happiest Place on Earth”. Disney has attempted to grow with the world around them, buying companies like Pixar, Lucasfilms, and Marvel.pixar-logo-600x375 Disney as a company owns a lot more than you would expect. This company is growing no doubt in my mind, one mans dream has made so much impact on the world.

So how has Disney kept its success for so long? The company knows its consumer, they know that parents are going to take their little princess to a family friendly, sing along, like “Frozen”. Not only has The Walt Disney Company learned to adapt to the world around them, they’ve learned their audience. Marvel, is in phase three of their filming, and fans are ecstatic to see results. star-wars-vs-marvel-20110818102836995-000The Star Wars franchise plans to release a new trilogy, and guess what fans are ecstatic. This company has enough up their sleeve to keep many people happy for a long period of time. Disney has managed to stay on top, because they haven’t let another company get close to being a competition.

Walter Elias Disney had a vision, he wanted all dreams to come true.  Would Walt be happy with what his dream became? I think so – when you’re in the parks and you see the little girl who is so in love with Cinderella see the castle for the first time,cinderella-castle-00 then you get to see that spark go off in her eyes, because she knows that nothing and I mean absolutely nothing can make her any happier then she is right then happen, you remember what its like being a child again. I honestly haven’t felt as much joy in the core of my heart as I have seeing that little girl meeting her favourite princess or seeing the castle, its undecipherable to see. Walt didn’t do it for the money, he did it for his ideas and the love behind them, the only thing he would possibly be disappointed with today is the amount of money in which Disney deals with. Even though money is flying in so fast the ideas are planed, thought out, and planed more, just as Walt would do it.

We could all learn a thing or two from Walt, his passion and love for the impossible has given us a massive part of who we all are. To Walt – Dreams were forever, and we should keep them that way. You can do anything you set your mind to, Walt did this, and now we have a wonderful company from One mans dream. 



4 thoughts on “One Man, One Dream, and One Success Story.

  1. I think Disney mostly managed to grow because they (usually) know how to treat talent right. If they buy Marvel, they don’t mess with Marvel, if they buy Pixar, they pull the talent of Pixar in their own company, and if their own movies don’t do as good as the should, they look for new talent. In the brief periods during which Disney didn’t do that (the early 2000s, the 1970s), it was always to the detiriment of the company. Thankfully it always managed to find its footing just in time.


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