Which Web Slinger Did it Best – McGuire, or Garfield?

Even though we have had to deal with the troubles of Sony, Fox, and Marvel all having different rights for different movies, we as the consumer have no other choice but to sit and enjoy what we hope will be a good movie. Sony, having the movie rights to the Spider-Man series has given us two different versions, “The Amazing Spider-Man” and just the original “Spider-Man”; Both with a different lead as the Web-Slinger Peter Parker. First we have Toby McGuire, in the original 2002 film, made McGuire’s career a success story and with the popularity of the film created two sequels. Then we have Andrew Garfield, from the more recent Amazing Spider-Man series. While both bring their own charm and charisma to the roles can one be better than the other? With speculation of a cameo from the young Parker in the new “Avengers: Age of Ultron” movie, will we even see Garfield or McGuire, or an entirely new actor yet again?

McGuire being the first Spider-Man on the big screen brought something special to the role. Superheros still haven’t made the impact like they have in today times so the fact that McGuire made the breakthrough he did is impressive. The first movie, like most in a trilogy is always the best. Yet personally, I found the second and third movie to not hold up to the Spider-Man name. The scripts to be poorly written and even the acting to be less than desirable. Don’t get me wrong, I still love these movies however, today its almost hard to take these movies seriously as they we’re meant to be. McGuire seems to be somewhat forcing the lines and has the lack of energy on screen. It almost seems as if Peter Parker is almost an emotional toned version, with a pout-like attitude throughout the three films. There have also been more than a few internet meme’s taken from the movies due to moments where you can’t help but laugh. Like the classic venom-creep smile from “Spider-Man 3”Tobey Maguire ugly faces collagethat is used all over the the internet. It still seemed that McGuire’s acting was forced, I mean look at those faces, that is not the most attractive thing in the world. The movies after time weren’t as good as they could have been along with the script -sadly. Even though there was a plan do have more of the Spider-Man series yet due to script and production complications McGuire left.

Most recently with the 2012 reboot “The Amazing Spider-Man” was a fresh take on the series with the quirky Andrew Garfield as a younger Spider-Man. Critics praised the performance of Garfield, resulting in a sequel as well. Now in 2012 the Superhero genre was taken a lot more seriously and the script was well written, and the acting much better than the former. Garfield has a certain charisma that McGuire just didn’t have, and no one can deny the wonderful chemistry between Emma Stone and Garfield. That charisma is needed more than one would think too, like the comics Spider-Man is sassy and downright hilarious, now some of this would have to do with the writing, but Garfield’s energy makes such a difference on screen. Although the movie is not a remake of the original, the Amazing Spider-Man truly is Amazing rather than the old 2002 version of the movie.  Even though the sequel had provided mixed reviews plans for a third and fourth film are in the works along with a Sinister Six and Venom: Carnage spin off.

So who is the better Spider-Man? Well its really up to you. Personally, I prefer Garfield, as Spider-Man is meant to be the small innocent High School kid, yet there are many that still have idea that McGuire is and forever will be Spider-Man. If the original film was made a little later, and the script was taken a closer look at sure – McGuire could have been the number one Spider around. Yet as of now, it has to go to Garfield. That still leaves us one question, who, if needed that is, should be our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man in Age of Ultron? To put it simply; neither. If they are going to bring in Spider-Man into the works, we need a fresh, pick, and a pick from Marvel – not Sony. Look at Mavel’s track record they pick wonderful actors and actress, so maybe if a deal does come to works, we can finally get a Spider-Man that works, and one that will stay.


One thought on “Which Web Slinger Did it Best – McGuire, or Garfield?

  1. Both actors have done far better work in other films imo. I particularly liked Garfield in “Never Let Me Go”. Tobey Mcwhatisface has done other stuff, but I don’t like him in anything, other than Spider-Man.

    As much as I wanted to enjoy the new Amazing Spider-Man films, I found both to be an inconsistent mess, that I really felt no emotion for whatsoever during the running time.

    The Sam Raimi Spider-Man film I felt had the best writing, story, character arc and dialogue. The “Amazing films” I felt just had no heart and soul to them.

    The one thing I feel they did better is get someone who looks the part, but that was about it, well they managed to get some Spider jokes in there, which the Raimi trilogy completey missed out on, they never had the tone of Spider-Mans’s humour, instead we got whiny emo-kid McGuire pouting.

    Lean Garfield looks more like Spidey than the pudgey round faced McGuire, who was too bulky for the role imo also. Overall I found the recent Amazing films to be very disappointing, and this is from a guy who read Spider-Man comics every day for about 15 years.

    If SONY had allowed the franchise to revert to Marvel instead of rushing out a film that was missing large plot points (that were in the trailers before being redacted) I am confident that a Marvel produced Spider-Man film would have been far better, regardless of who was cast in it.

    The main issues I had with Amazing where the giant and frequent plot holes, the inconsistent tone, the lack of a character arc (Peter just gives up searching for his Uncle’s killer and never mentions it again in the first Amazing film) and the cut scenes that made the Lizards story arc totally incomprehensible.


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