The Good The Bad and The Ugly Witch; Into The Woods Review.

After a week or so of asking, I had finally convinced my ever so loving boyfriend to take me to the new Disney hit “Into the Woods”. (The only catch being I had to see “American Sniper” when it came out) So when the date was made I personally, was extremely excited. I have an unlimited amount of love for anything Disney has to do with, so I knew going into this musical that it would be filled with a wondrous amount of magic as per usual. So in turn I had high hopes for this movie – even though it being a remake.

First and foremost the movie had an all star cast. Including everyone from  Chris Pine, and even the lovely Anna Kendrick.  “Into the Woods” is a musical, so the ability to sing is a must. Anna Kendrick being so well known for her role in “Pitch Perfect” was clearly a good choice for the Cinderella part yet Chris Pine as the Prince Charming made me hesitant at first. Pine’s singing wasn’t something I personally, was not used to but in the end, it wasn’t bad. All in all, the actors/actresses sang with their hearts and it was enjoyable to say the least.

Meryl Streep, known for her box office blowouts did not disappoint here either. Playing the classic “Old Witch”, Streep’s had even received her 19th nomination for an Academy Award for the role. Being called “Queen of the Oscars” it was really no surprise that she had been chosen as a contender for Best Supporting Actress this year whatsoever.  Streep brought her A-Game as per usual for this movie, and nothing less than a great performance. Her acting – phenomenal as usual had a great chemistry with the rest of the cast, making the movie that much more enjoyable.

Now that we’ve talked about the Ugly Witch, now we need to talk about the “good”. The movie was a light, family friendly, and highly enjoyable, the acting above all was wonderful. The music was also catchy which is a must for these types of movies. Its the little things that made this movie what it was. Every actor and actress put forth something special and noteworthy, even the unsuspecting cameo of Johnny Depp as the Big Bad wolf truly made this movie something special. Disney always makes sure that a family movie is not just enjoyable for the children – but the parents taking them to the show also. It’s always nice to see some consideration for the parents having to sit through the two hour movie.

Lastly, the bad – no movie can be truly perfect that’s for sure. Even though this movie is fantastic, I found it little long, I could see by the amount of wiggling beside me that my partner in crime was getting antsy and he wanted to leave as soon as possible. As much as I enjoyed the movie, I would have to agree, it was longer than anticipated. You will receive no spoilers from me, but there were a few parts of the movie that sadden me, and could have been left out. All in all, this movie is a must see for any Disney fan and musical fan. The chemistry on set is wonderful and I could go on and on about how much I liked the movie, but sadly there isn’t enough time in the day. Into the woods is a wonderful movie for Children, Parents, and the child-at heart people like myself. I wish this movie all the best in the Award season, and that Streep takes home the gold, – Oscar that is.


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