Nothing But The Very Best For Oscar Season.

With Award season in full force, and talent bursting through the seams everyone is curious as to who will win the best picture for 2015. The options this year are all contenders and its hard to pick one as a “for sure” win. Nominations include “Boyhood” which did something completely new with filming over a 12 year time period, and “The Imitation Game” a brilliant movie about the decoding of the Enigma machine. As per usual, the movies this year have been highly regarded among critics and audiences alike. For best picture the lineup this year is amazing and is as follows.

  • American Sniper
  • Selma
  • The Imitation Game
  • The Theory of Everything
  • Whiplash
  • Birdman
  • Boyhood
  • The Grand Budapest Hotel

Now where I am no expert, or a highly regarded critic of any sort, but personally I think that this year the competition is quite equal (almost), each film has brought something special, giving it opportunity to be a winner, but there still can be only one, I mean this isn’t the hunger games, they can’t bend the rules and make a tie. Usually, in the past the Academy has recognized one film more so than the others; yet this year the awards may even be spread more widely throughout the different movies, like previously stated each movie had brought something special to the table.

Boyhood” a movie filmed over a 12 year period, is visually breathtaking as you see this small boy grow up, in my opinion will easily win best directing, “Guardians of the Galaxy” and “Captain America: The Winter Solider” both Marvel movies are even up for a nomination, which is simply unheard of. The talent in all the movies this year are phenomenal, and it blows me away to think of all the possible winners for this year. I haven’t finished watching all of the movies yet, I’m currently halfway there, but as of now my thoughts are as followed;

“The Imitation Game” was hands down a cinematic masterpiece. The scenes and music were swept together in such a way you didn’t realize you were watching a movie – yet you felt as if it was happening around you, as the time ticked away. Cumberbatch and Knightly’s acting was brilliant as individuals, and beautiful as a pair. The chemistry with the entire cast was astonishing, and the movie is phenomenal to watch.

“American Sniper” – directed by Clint Eastwood, this war based movie left me speechless, Bradley Coopers performance of the American hero, Chris Kyle was indescribable. Normally, war type movies aren’t the first thing I would choose to see, but I’m incredibly glad I did see it. Eastwood did a wonderful job directing as per usual and my eyes never left the screen for the two hours of showtime. The movie as a whole was not only visually impressive, but left you with some emotional feelings towards the end.

“Boyhood” this film, was unique new perspective on the family type film. Although I don’t believe this will win best picture, as the film lacked something – I’m still not sure what it even was lacking. A movie as long as boyhood was should leave me with something more than “Oh good its almost over”, (but that could be an entire post on its own.) However, watching this young boy grow into adulthood along with his family was interesting, I do wish that boyhood walks away with best directing – 12 years is a long time.

Finally, for now we have “The Grand Budapest Hotel” this highly enjoyable movie, was light humorous and cheeky. This film kept me entertained and smiling, as the crazy antics two soon to be lifelong friends. Going in I did not expect much, and I was very surprised to see what a heart filled, story I was about to receive.
This movie, can easily be enjoyed by all personalities. The Grand Budapest has personality and has earned its spot as a Oscar nominee.

This is just a small taste for now for the Oscar season, hopefully when I have a little bit of time I can finish up the last four movies: “Whiplash”, “Birdman”, “Theory Of Everything” and “Selma”.  The talent and movies from the award season so far have impressed me very much so, and I look forward to watching and live tweeting the event as I always do. (February 22nd) Some people love the Super-Bowl, personally the Academy Awards are my Super-Bowl.

Stay Tuned For: “Nothing But The Very Best For Oscar Season. (Part 2)”


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