Boyhood; 12 Years Of Filming; 3 Hours Of Boring.

With Oscar season in full bloom its time to get down to business and start watching the top of the top. Slowly I’ve been watching the seven nominated movies for best picture, I have already gone through a small overview of the first four I have watched (Nothing But The Very Best For Oscar Season) I feel as if I needed to touch on one picture more so than the rest – Boyhood. 

This movie, taking 12 years to fully film was said to be a groundbreaking story using the same cast for the entire filming process. Boyhood, shows the life through the eyes of a young boy named Mason, and his transition to adulthood alongside his family. Where so many people have given this movie such high praise, I personally cannot. Some calling it one of the most heart touching movie in years. This coming-of-age movie had a lot of promise, but for me – fell just a little bit to short. I went into this film expecting tears, laughter and joy. Maybe I’m just a robotic, emotionless human being, yet I achieved little to no emotion.

When looking at what an American family can truly go through with hard times and good times, Boyhood shows it all. The concept of the movie is wonderful to me, the thought of watching this young family grow into something completely new over 12 years is breathtaking. Yet the 3 hours it took to get to the “end” was  something I could have done without. The ending seemed rather rushed, per-say, With the mothers last line being “I just thought there would be more.” I agree wholeheartedly.

Maybe, from a sociological perspective, the youth today – like myself, have been conditioned to expect something more climatic from movies. Then again when I’m checking the time and only 15 minutes have gone by which felt like an hour this, in itself is something to be considered. This film was rather boring to be honest. The mother – who was a less than desirable character (with apparently a terrible taste of men) was meant to show the hardships of a single mother trying to get by. Parenting is no easy task and for this the movie gained some points for me.

The only problem for me is that there isn’t one certain plot point or moment that can stick out clearly in my mind, which sadden me. Personally, getting emotionally invested in a character or a family is what can make the movie that much better.  I just couldn’t do that with this movie, it was just missing something – special? I found as Mason grew older the less I enjoyed him as a person, his poor attitude towards the world really bummed me out. Boyhood, could have inspired people to take life as if there was no tomorrow, live for every moment like it was your last, it could have showed you more of the good than the bad.

Even though it may be an unpopular opinion, I don’t think Boyhood is as good as everyone thinks. I wish I could see why it was so highly receipted among the public, because in all honesty I want to believe it was a good film, I really do. There just wasn’t anything for me to fully enjoy, the concept for the movie was great. The fact that over 12 years of filming, the original cast was there, and with no massive conflicts to halt production is impressive. It does deserve its nomination for best picture – yet its no winner in my mind. Best director ? Most definitely. For a movie being 2 hours and 45 minutes I expected something to make me leave the theater in tears, joy, or laughter, not a head scratch wondering if what I just watched was worth my time. So if you like this movie, please tell me why, I would love to hear the opinion of others on this.

Finial rating for Boyhood: 3/5 and that’s being generous.


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