Just Another Day For A Nerdy Girl.

I feel like this being blogging platform and all I should do some more personal post from time to time. So hopefully, from now on I’ll start to do more of a weekly/bi-weekly personal post. Could be three times a week or even once ever two. It depends on what life has in store for me, and how busy I become. Not that I expect many to read or care, but for one to put thoughts on paper, or in my case a block of text – can be somewhat relaxing. This post will be more of an about me/ get to know me. For the future of my weekly personal post bear with me, I’ll try to keep it interesting for you; dear readers.

As you know from my posts, I could be what is classified as a nerd. Who am I kidding, those who know me would easily agree I was, have, and always will be the nerdy, sarcastic friend of the group and I’m okay with that. 20 years old, and I probably have enough sass and lack of emotion to put Tony Stark in his place. Yet this made me think of my childhood. With a child being the most truthful mind in the world it comes to no surprise some of the stories I’ve been told. One of them being myself, in kindergarten – My teacher wore a lovely flower print pants suit, I pulled her over and whispered in her ear that she wore he pyjama’s to school, and they were for bed time, not school time. I was sarcastic and dry-humored apparently for a very long time. As you can see on the left, this was me Christmas day, ready to be done with the day, and pictures. So I’m a nerd – clearly, sassy, sarcastic, and dry and proud of it all.

I love social media, communications is even my major at UNBSJ. I’m a Canadian through and through. I love my Hockey, (Vancouver Canucks) and my timmies. I have a wonderful family, and a loving boyfriend. I couldn’t be happier now, its 2015 and the world is my oyster. Yet one can never forget their past, because it shapes what you become.  Like most people, we aren’t always happy, and I had my time where I was grumpy, angry, and upset at the hand the world dealt me. My anxiety was flourishing more-so than ever, and university seemed like an impossible task. Even though this felt like the worst point of my life, I overcame it. I found my friends that would last a lifetime, and figured out how to deal with the panic attacks and the anxiety. Here I am two and a half years later and everyday I’m glad to be living my life.

A professor once told us in class that everyone starts life with one crayon, as time goes by, the more you learn and the more you live your life to the fullest, eventually you get more crayons. He then proceeded to tell us that he owned the 120 pack from his life, and that most of us being in university had the 24 pack. He then told us he wanted to share his crayons with us, he wanted to share his knowledge and life experience. For some reason this really sat with me, because the more I thought about it, the more it became a reality. In the end, your money can’t go with you – just your memories. So make sure you live your life, don’t take any day for granted. You deserve to create your own 120 pack of crayons.

Go live, but most importantly, have fun, and stay happy dear readers.


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