Five Netflix T.V. Shows Worthy To Binge On And Why.

Netflix, everyone’s favourite way to sit down for hours upon hours, becoming more anti-social every minute.  It has become so easy to sit and watch an entire season, or even series in days. Now where I live in Canada, sadly my choices for T.V. programming mightn’t be as good as yours dear readers, however binge watching is still a major aspect of my days of slothing around. In saying that – here is my list of T.V shows that are binge-worthy. They remain in no particular order, and just like my past post Five Movies You Must See And Why, this will probably be one of many posts about binge watching. Shall we begin.

1. Breaking Bad – This AMC drama is the drama to end all dramas (Say that five times fast.) This brilliantly done show left audiences in awe of what would happen next, and kept people on their toes unable to take their eyes off the screen. Bryan Cranston did a phenomenal job as his performance as Walter White, the Chemistry teacher turned Meth Cook. This drama shows the slow to rapid disintegration of family, as Walter White strives to become the top Meth producer. This is easily in the list to binge on because it only has five seasons, which means its over so quickly – so be careful here, you won’t know what to do with yourself when its over.

“We’re done when I say we’re done.” – Walter White 

2. Archer – This adult cartoon is easily my favourite show. Archer an FX show is simply hilarious – the show is mainly about a spy agency with morals usually less than desirable. Sterling Archer code name Duchess, is a drunk, spoiled by his mother Malory who also happens to be his boss. With five seasons on Netflix and a sixth currently underway, this is another quick binge. Now I can’t remember exactly why I picked this show to watch, but I never regret the fact that I clicked it. Constantly I find myself quoting the one-liners and witty jokes in my day. Its not often that I can get so incredibly hooked on a show like this one, not only have I binge watched a full season in a day, I have actually watched through the show close to three times.

“If I stop drinking all at once i’m afraid the cumulative hangover would kill me” Sterling Archer

3. Trailer Park Boys – This show is more of a close-to-home love for me. The show filmed in various trailer parks in Nova Scotia would make any Canadian laugh. The show is basically about three longtime best friends and their get rich quick schemes, petty crimes, growing weed and drinking liquor. On the outside it would really seem like this is “trailer trash” for a show, but deep down this show is nothing short of a family. Bubbles, Ricky, and Julian, plus all the others around the park make you laugh through each episode. Not only does the show have 8 seasons (and more to come) but three movies and a few live specials. As a Canadian, and living in New Brunswick makes me laugh all the more because its like a little piece of home. I’m not saying that we all act like the boys here do, but its still funny nonetheless.

“Ricky, life’s not about getting drunk and eating chicken fingers all the time” – Julian

4. Sherlock – Now here is another great drama. This BBC rendition of Sherlock Holmes is set in the 21st century. Its not so much a T.V show – but a mini series, but I’m still counting it. Benedict Cumberbatch is a wonderful actor and his performance here honestly makes you believe the he is Sherlock Holmes. This high function sociopath, is quick, sarcastic, and deliciously clever. Even though he claims to not care about anyone – he does for the select few. So far there’s three seasons of three episodes about an hour and a half long, so its still very binge-worthy. This show always keeps you entertained as the Mystery is unfolded each time. A show such as this comes along once in a lifetime, and is a must watch. Sherlock is a fresh show, with good plot, directing, and camera work. Not to mention a villain to keep us well entertained.

“Sentiment is a chemical defect found on the losing side”-Sherlock

5. Mixology – Last for now, but not least, is a little quirky show. Sadly this show is only one season long but hilarious still. One season – one night – one bar – ten strangers. This show follows the on-going throughout the night as everyone is attempting to find someone to take home for the night. This show is quick witted and I watched the season in a day, only wishing for there to be more. The unique bar based show was highly enjoyed by not only me, but also my mother. Which is a double rare fins – like a unicorn. I highly recommend this show to anyone wanting a quick show to get them through a night or two; I don’t want to give away too much plot line – but I assure you its hilarious.

So for now that would be five binge worth shows on Netflix! I’ll be back with more, let me know what you have binged on, and hopefully (Canadian Netflix permitting) I’ll give it a shot!


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