AMC’s Monopoly On T.V.

Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, Hell on Wheels, and Mad Men. What do all these shows have in common? AMC. I can almost be positive that most people have heard of at least one of these shows byAMC-Logo1 2015. AMC is an American T.V. station, mainly the play movies, however they remain open to some original programming. Now, the only thing that amazes me, is the fact that AMC always impresses the viewers. I do understand that’s the point of a show is to grasp the most ratings, and continuous views per week, but AMC goes beyond good ratings. They are almost always carry the number one rated show. AMC is almost the Marvel of T.V. , if they put their name on it people are bound to watch. Recently a pilot was ordered for the comic book “Preacher” (This was touched upon in a past post of mine “AMC and Their Potential For Greatness” at first I was hesitant to the thought of this series, but now I realize it doesn’t matter what is made by AMC, its most likely going to be really good.

Its just highly interesting to me that a company has such good luck when making T.V. It’s one thing to have a successful show, but a number one show, multiple times is amazing. Clearly the understand what people like, and what the viewers will respond to. Whats even more so interesting to me is the Breaking Bad series, which could have easily gone on longer, and made so much more money, along with the mass amount of awards – stopped.They understand when to stop, not to extort the series into something completely useless as a money grab. However they are looking at spin off series now from the popular Breaking Bad, and The Walking Dead. Better Call Saul, to be aired this weekend is a prequel based on the origins of the quirky lawyer we all came to love in the original. Even a spin off I’m sure will do incredibly well, because with the fans and viewers in mind AMC will make sure its a well produced show with good story lines.

Even with when Dish/ Bell network stopped providing AMC as a network, they lost business. This channel is so highly receipted among fans that even though it only has a small amount of original programming it still does incredibly well, as long as they keep doing what they have been I can’t see that changing anytime soon either.


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