The Golden Age Of Spider-Man Is Upon Us.

Kevin Feige (Marvel Studios)

With the rumors flying around Spider-Man will appear in an upcoming Marvel movie, its finally been announced. Marvel will have the rights to show Spider-Man in an upcoming film, and also will be joining up with Sony for the next Spider-Man movie (more of a reboot.. again) . Sony Pictures, will release a new Spider-Man movie on July 28, 2017, and will be co-produced by Kevin Feige (President of Marvel Studios) and Amy Pascal (Chairperson of Sony) This bit of exciting news made quite the wave among on only fans but also release dates. Four of Marvel’s soon-to-come movies have been each pushed back a few months each, most likely to incorporate our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man into some new roles. The possibility of other Marvel characters into the Spider-Man franchise is also on the table. Now you must remember that Marvel does no own the Spiderman rights, Sony still is still in possession of the rights.

Now with a new Spider-Man series to be made they’ll most likely gain a new actor, and with Marvel track record, that will be no problem. The perfect Peter Parker is sure to be found soon. The most important question is when will Parker make his first appearance within Marvel? Most likely to be in the new Captain America movie, as Spidey does play a minor within the Civil War as a middle ground between Steve Rogers and Tony Stark. There also is the Avengers where Parker is actually a part of the team, so hopefully in due time we will see this addition to the team. What I am most curious of is how the addition of Peter Parker, will change the original plans of what was to come from Marvel. Also with the plan of a Sinister Six movie, this most likely will be pushed onto the back-burner for more time on the original Spider-Man franchise.

What makes me most excited over all is the fact that the deal we thought to be impossible – happened. Marvel and Spider-Man. Could we soon see Marvel and X-Men? I’m not holding my breath but then again I wasn’t with Spider-Man either. Maybe, just maybe this could spark a idea that a deal can be made. This Sony deal has made so many possibilities for future movies and projects. Just to think that there is the slightest shred of a possibility that we can have a Marvel movie with no limits. Being able to go and have the “original” comic book story and not having to worry about an ownership dispute.

Now even though future Marvel movies have been pushed back a few months each to make room and proper adjustments for our web slinging hero. I’m okay with that, as long as we’re getting a proper Spider-Man franchise reboot is what matters to me. So bring it on Sony, give me the movie I know you can, impress the fans. Make a franchise worth loving, worth watching and above all something to be proud of.


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