Why I’m Happy – Like I Hope You Are.

I encourage everyone to do this. Tell people why you’re happy. Not only does your happiness makes others smile, but typing it and activity realizing why you are smiling is a great thing. Making yourself feel good even when times seem so shitty is important. Even the little things matter, so make sure that in a day you take the time to even find one thing to smile at. It’ll make you day better.

For the past week or so its been stressful; the daily grind of UNB, and trying to maintain a boyfriend leaving for Canada games all at the same time is hard. Not only is the love of my life gone for what seems like forever even though its only ten days, I have the most anti social life during Sean’s absence as everyone seems to have an awfully busy week to my less than desirable one. However, between making sure nothing was forgotten yesterday in the mad last minute packing, and saying finial goodbyes, I realized that nothing makes the heart grow fonder than absence. Although I can’t wait for his return, I am so proud of him for attending and I know he’ll do so well. So being incredibly happy for him has in turn made me happy, and I can’t wait to see his games and cheer him on from home.

Now as a Canadian, I am an avid hockey fan. Vancouver being my team of choice have been doing rather well! Winning their past few games, always for a happy morning. Watching and cheering your favourite team is almost like a Canadian Sport and their is nothing I love more than being able to say the Canucks won 5-0 over the Penguins the other night and 5-4 in OT against Chicago last night. The small things that matter.

Also I got to enjoy a lovely “Fake” Valentines Day, I was surprised with a beautiful bracelet, dinner, and a movie. Even though I was spoiled rotten, what made me smile most is the lovely night I had. Spending quality time, above all is so important to me, and I cherish every moment of it. There’s nothing like being about to sit across from the guy that im crazy about. Whats even weirder is that this guy went from being my best friend for 8 years, to a boyfriend. I wouldn’t change a thing though.

And lastly one thing that’s making me smile today is a new episode of Archer tonight. Which is easily the funniest show on T.V., and my personal favourite.

So make sure you remember to be happy about something today. You deserve it. 


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