Netflix – Everyone’s One True Love.

Now even though in this day and age media is very easily watched under different platforms, yet people are willing to pay for Netflix. The answer is simple. Convenience. Its amazing how companies have actually made us pay for things again, by the simple and genius ploy of mere convenience. Being able to to pick what you want to watch, already have all the seasons episodes right there ready for you for under 8 dollars a month? Hell – I’ll take it. Even though in Canada we mightn’t have the options that everyone has its still great.

Not only does the convenience of choice matter, but the variations of where you can watch is relatively limitless. Apps for T.V’s, phones and computers, whatever has an internet connection, can get this magical site. People are busy, and they love convenience. People are so much more likely to buy into a product when it works around their life. The factor of reliability plays another important role, knowing that when you go back to the site that it’ll still be there and not taken down due to copyright issues is a dream come true for binge watchers like myself.

Not only has Netflix gotten people to pay to stream again, it has also introduced us to the concept of “Binge Watching”. Sitting down and just watching, and watching for hours has become a cultural norm for us in this day and age. Its almost to be expected to have someone sit down to watch a series of a show in a day, then watch the following series the next until there’s nothing left. Then the withdraw process begins and you find a new show to repeat the process with a new show you find in the recommended section.

Not only has Netflix taken a streaming monopoly, they are slowly putting out their own original content that viewers can’t get enough of. “Orange is the New Black” being one of the most popular shows recently, is a Netflix original. Plus there are even Marvel shows coming to the Netflix interface. “Jessica Jones” and “Daredevil” both hitting a computer near you soon. So not only is Netflix making it big on other shows and movies, they now have their own original entertainment as well.

Again the only problem I have with Netflix is the lack of variety at times, especially within different places, there’s different content. Although in some cases, Canada has came out on top. Archer season 5 has been on Canadian Netflix for some time now, yet in the states its still MIA. Shows like Parks and Rec, have yet to be added to the Canadian site, which is so popular would do quite well on Netflix, I wish for the day where all content was available for all countries, but I digress.

With sleepless nights and boring afternoons we now have the power to watch what we want and whenever we want to. The options are almost endless for as little as 8 dollars a month, but remember with great power comes great responsibility. Be careful with your new found binge watching tool, life is still happening outside, make sure you go live it.



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