Awkward Teenager – Or just Spider-Man

Now I know recently I’ve been doing a lot of Spider-Man related posts – so why stop now. We know were getting a new movie, and with a new movie comes a new actor to play Peter Parker. That leaves one burning question, who should it be? They’re are clear choices as to whom could play the web slinging hero. It comes as no surprise that the fans are voicing their current opinion on who it should be but for a perfect Peter Parker you need something special. Parker is a nerdy, socially awkward teenager, so in turn you need someone who resembles that.

Marvel now having some say in Casting and production will clearly make a good choice. When it comes down to it Marvel is going to find the perfect Parker and most likely make us ever forget about the Spiderman of days past. Hopefully that take into deep consideration the real origins of the character, and not just what the public is asking for. Marvel is known for their big A-list starts but they also are known for pulling new actors out from the woodwork and make them a superstar. So I have no worry in who will be our new Spider-Man, because whomever they pick will be the right choice.

Now if it were up to me to pick the next Spider-Man, Josh Hutcherson he would easily be a number one choice for me in this role. He’s got a young high school baby face and the nerdy – Parker type look to boot. Now Marvel, being the way they are might try and do something different, they could do the Miles Morales story line. This story is about the small boy who takes over for Parker after his untimely death. As interesting as it would be for them to go with this character I don’t think they will right now. If anything they’ll wait as an attempt to gain as many movies from the franchise as possible.

Regardless of who they pick, or what story they go with I’ll be okay with it. The only thing that matters to me is the fact that we’re getting a new Spider-Man movie, and something that will be good and worth the watch. I’ve never been so excited for a Spider-Man movie as I’m am now. Hopefully, we will gain something a little more stable and worth watching. Something that I’ll want to watch over and over for years to come.


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