Love and Disney; A Beautiful Combination

Since its Valentines day what a better way to celebrate it than talking about love. Now I’m not just talking bout any old love – but Disney Love. Disney being so well known for its practices of story telling and children tales also have a wonderful way of showcasing love. Every girl wants to meet their Prince Charming, just like every guy wants to meet their Princess, its a fact of life that has been bread into us from a incredibly young age.

Now I’m all for the Disney love, and the feel of happiness and content. Some of my favourite moves are Princess based movies. Even though some people tend to think that these movies are horrid for the young public, as the morals they teach are less than desirable for them. I still love them, they have a wholesome family feel to them, and they are always a classic.

For my childhood I personally didn’t get an unrealistic presentation of love. I learned that you can be strong, and independent and just happen to find live along the way. I found that love is a companionship, a two way street. Most importantly I found that love was beautiful. Disney had a wonderful way of showing people that true love exists, you have the opportunity to be happy and in love. That just makes me so happy to be honest, young children deserve to see love.

You can be smart like Belle, or adventurous like Ariel. Disney teaches you to live, love and be happy with your own life. People can argue that the way they go about love is all wrong but I assure you its not. They show that happiness is always possible. I grew up on Disney, and I turned out just fine – just like other children will too. Love is beautiful, and Disney does a wonderful job in showcasing it, for that my childhood will be forever grateful.


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