A Glimpse Into Another Person Via Music.

I love music, there is no denying that. Each song finds a way into my heart with a different story behind it, and everything seems a peace. This post will be a little more personal, I want to try something different. My iTunes is on shuffle, the first five songs will play and I’ll tell you the story behind them. So if you’re not into sappy shit this isn’t the post for you. However I’m feeling very sentimental and emotional today so this is my way of letting it all out. Who knows maybe you’ll even find a new song or two to gander at.

Sweet Child of Mine – Guns N’ Roses. Well this is a great start, this is such a fun-loving memory actually. It was my grade 12 year, I took a Theater Arts class, and the exam for said class is a “Variety Show” put on for paying students. Now by nature I can be a shy person, but we did do one sketch from “Stepbrothers”.


I played the lovely mother. It was a wonderful time, and we actually were asked back next semester to fix one of the other classes Sketch by making a “guest” appearance. This brings back such fond memories of High School for me, and I truly miss my time there.

Coney Island – Good Old War. This one is quick and simple, Summer, drinking, bonfire and guitars. This has become the drinking theme song for a group of friends, and will forever make me laugh at the thought of singing it pissed around a fire. The words were sang wrong and we didn’t care, it was all about having fun that night. “I can let this go I am on my way, only you can hold my diamond ring” this song has almost become a definition of friendship and laughter for me and that will never change.

Arms – Christina Perri. Well I was hoping a song like this wasn’t going to come up, but it did. This song is very special to me. It makes me think of my love, and life Sean. Before we started dating I had a hard time letting him in, I was scared of love and what came with it. I didn’t want to be hurt, or let down, I could do an entire post on why this song is so special to me, and maybe I will later tonight. Although the fact remains “You put your arms around me and I’m home” I never feel more at home until I’m in that boy arms. I love him more than anything in this world. Hes shown me that true love exist and is very possible.

Tea for two – Doris Day. Now here’s an oldie. This lovely little tune comes from an old movie “Tea for Two” and oh do I love it. I used to watch plenty of old movies with my Great Aunt Mickey, and still go down to watch some movies when there’s time. Nothing makes me happier than a cup of tea with Mickey and some old Turner classic movies. This song always reminds me the importance of loved ones and never let life get in the way of seeing them.

Today – Smashing Pumpkins – Now this song doesn’t have a story per say. Its more of a reminder. Things may be bad at times, but then again when they’re bad they can’t get worse. So in saying that “Today is the greatest day I’ve never known, Can’t wait for tomorrow” today may be the worst day ever, but tomorrow will be so much better, don’t stress.

Music is poetry, just like film is art. I really enjoyed doing this and I will for sure do another, music is the way into a soul. So in saying that, I encourage to try this out, its interesting to see what you come up with.


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