Nothing But The Very Best For Oscar Season – Part Two.

With the rush of the Oscars only about a week away, I have finally fished all the movies that have been nominated for this years best picture. In case you missed it, the last post (Nothing But The Very Best For Oscar Season) I talked about American Sniper, The Imitation Game, Boyhood, and The Grand Budapest Hotel. All these movies to me – were winners in some way. The last four of the movies I chose to watch were: Theory of Everything, Whiplash, Birdman, and Selma. Just because I watched them last does not mean they have any less of a chance of winning, however with being so impressed with the first four I was hoping that the last four would hold up just as high. I was let down.

Birdman, this film was described as clever, and intriguing, yet I was left feeling I just finished a two hour acid trip. I did enjoy it, it was odd, but good nonetheless. Micheal Keaton, who has been quiet in his acting career, has left audiences buzzing about his rapid return. Keaton who plays Riggan Thomson – a washed up actor trying to make it big on the Broadway stage once one, Thomson most widely known for his past act as The Birdman. I almost wonder with Keaton’s portrayal of Thomson is a reflection of his own career, Batman, Birdman, its all very singular. However, the movie itself was well acted with star cast and a well thought out plot. Edward Norton, once again steals the show with his brilliant work, and I see why Michael Keaton is praised for his performance. There is no doubt in my mind that this is Keaton’s best work, and possibly Norton’s as well. Although its a bizarre story, with often odd camera angles, and what feels like to be a drug trip – the movie works.

As unpopular opinions go, this is about to be the worst one around. I did not enjoy Selma. This historically based movie surrounding the story of Martian Luther King Jr. and his fight for equality is a beautiful don’t get me wrong. There was just something missing. The script and story has emotion written in clearly, but not shown. The history behind this movie is simply amazing, yet was not portrayed as well as it should have. This movie left me bored, and wondering about accurate historical representation. I know that this movie was given such high praise, but like stated before, something was missing, I did not enjoy Selma.

Intense, bold, and exciting. Whiplash, brings music to you’re eyes as you watch. This movie has made drumming into something so much more. Acting was simply wonderful, and the story left you on the edge of your seat. What could be described as dark and deep this movie is a good watch for anyone who can handle some swearing. Drum or die is the thought of the young Andrew Neyman (Miles Teller), hes a jazz drummer who will make it big, whatever it takes. Terence Fletcher (J.K. Simmons), a well rounded teacher takes it upon himself to make Neyman into something great. Their chemistry is uncanny and beautiful, and with an ending that will make your jaw drop wanting more. This film keeps you entertained, and that’s what its truly about.

Now, the last movie I will be touching on this two part post will be the brilliant “Theory of Everything”. Now its hard enough to act, but to be able to show such a breathtaking performance of Steven Hawking is stunning. The camera work and the visual representation of Hawking’s life left me stunned. This movie played on all aspects to make it the beauty it is. This may be a biopic, but it it so well done it doesn’t even seem like it could be anything but a real life experience right before your eyes I would Highly recommend this film to anyone. You truly form a connection with the movie and I would not be surprised at all if it won best picture.

But in the end who knows who will take home gold. All the movies have brought something special, and something to remember. This years nominees are something great, and wonderful. Not only am I excited to watch this years Oscars, I’m so curious on who they pick to win, there’s so much talent that it must be hard. Regardless of who wins, they truly are all winners in my book.


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