Live Tweeting As A Social Norm?

Live tweeting, this newer aspect of social media refers to continuous status updates during a certain event or time period. Weather it is The Oscars or a T.V event, news, or even just something happening around you, Live tweeting has become vastly popular among social media addicts.

Like previously said, Live tweeting doesn’t have to be “important” per say, it can be whats actually happening around you. Some of these events become increasingly popular and actually go viral. For example, The Daily Mail posted an article about a Comedian in a cafe, with a couple beside him currently breaking up. The poor guy is going through heartbreak, and with the easiest amount of excretion his story is now known thanks to a person just of earshot of a conversation. Things like this really makes you think just how quickly a personal conversation can go from personal, to viral.

Now another massive use of the live tweeting phenomenon, is the usage during breaking news. Now more so than ever we are surrounded with all the information we could ever want, whenever we want it. When a new story comes about, there are times where the twitter universe is more well informed than actual news sources like CNN and the BBC. Now as nice as it is to read whats happening when its happening, is great, but there as a few problems. People need to remember that this isn’t always reliable; yet with the capability of smartphones, videos and photos are now taken without issue which furthers the speed of which we receive news.

Now my personal favourite, live tweeting T.V, and special events. if one gets into a show, this is a great way to reach out to the others watching, and interact with them. Sometimes, the actors or actresses in the show will also be doing a live tweet-along which is always great to see and read. Personally I love FX’s series “Archer”, during archer two of the shows voice actors actually will tweet and interact with fans, usually adding extra hilarity to the already hilarious show. Sometimes, I find I’m more into the tweeting aspect of the show rather then the actual watching of the show. Often I even find myself re-watching the show at a later time to makes sure I didn’t miss anything too important.

Even when it comes down to mass events like The Oscars, people are tweeting from all over, discussing what the did and did not like. Voicing their opinion, and disagreeing with others. Live Tweeting is a popular aspect of social media now.


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