A Day Without Media

How long could you go without any type of media? Minutes? Hours? Even days? Well that is exactly what Danna L Walker wanted to find out. In her article “The Longest Day” Walker poses a challenge to her students, to go one day without any type of electronic media. The students clearly shocked and repulsed from the idea still complied to the assignment. Some in the end states how hard it was, others almost happy that they had the day off from buzzing phones. Personally I know I couldn’t last longer than an hour. I’m ashamed to say that I quite addicted to the lifestyle of knowledge, and communication at my fingertips. Being so wildly depended on sites such as twitter, and instagram make my day slightly quicker as their is always something to look at and read, but its almost to the point where dependency for the internet and social media is a social norm for the generation of today. When people in their mid 20’s have grown with the e-media craze and became so dependent of it there is almost the opposite within the older generations, who hate the new media, and curse out the younger gen for their “laziness”. The problem though with the generation gap is that the older adults had no computer, cell phones, and accessibility whenever growing up, its been tossed at them within the past 20 years, and growing quickly every passing year. Whereas the younger generation had grown with it, and have lived alongside the new technology for as long as we can remember, so we in turn shouldn’t feel disconnected from whats to come as we’ve slowly been adapting our entire lives. Although we might have lost the face to face aspect of speaking, it does’t mean the conversations we have online are any less heartfelt. The article touched base on the reality of losing “face to face”, we might have lost that yes – but look at what we have gained. Now the ability to speak to loved ones where ever they may be is easier than ever, globalization is a reality and even though we might have seemed to have lost face to face, in reality the world is closer and smaller than ever before. The only problem is that sometimes our lives can leave quite the digital footprint leaving our lives open to anyone who has the means to open the book so to say you have written. Some have become quite attracted to the celebrity lifestyle and show business that media has to offer. People around the world can see so much, so quickly that new media has changed the way news even gets around, although with the growing addiction to media we have its not necessarily a bad thing, like stated before people are more connected and knowledgeable than ever before. To be honest people know their addicted, and they understand what they are doing. The world is changing everyday, and that includes the media. The newer the technology gets the more it will adapt to what conveniences we need in our everyday lives. I for one look forward to the day where there is newer, more advanced media, I may be addicted to the new technology and advancements around me, and where some would shame me for that it is completely normal having been brought up with it by my side for 20 years now. I look forward to being able to tell my children about Dial up and windows 95. It wont be the “I walked up two hills in the rain, sleet, ice and snow” conversation soon, It will be the “I used to have to disconnect to the internet to use the phone”


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