Phones – From The Wall To Pockets

A telephone used to be simple, you call you talk, and that’s it. Now you have this crazy multi-use piece of technology that can do almost anything. Social Media, pictures, compass, map, menu, notepad, I mean it when I say anything. The phone has been smushed into something so much more than just a phone now. Its a Frankenstien creation of everything. The most humorous part of the matter is that most people don’t even use their phone to call anymore.

Texting has become so much quicker and convenient why would you call if you didn’t have to? It’s somewhat sad that we’ve lost that little bit of human to human contact, yet in the world we live in, there’s no time for chatter, someday’s it has to be go go go. Its much easier to text someone where you’re going to be rather than call and hope they pick up. The only thing that is less than desirable with all this convenience is how easy it can be to cancel plans. Now you can just send a text just saying sorry can’t make it – leaving you up in the air to do nothing about the situation.

Not only has our concept of human to human interaction declined, but our abilities and skills are changed as well, spelling isn’t necessary anymore, spell check has you covered. Reading a map? The directions can be spoken to you as you drive. Everything is at the tips of your fingers, and people don’t really realize how easy their lives have become.  For something that was once left behind as soon as you left the house, to an item that you go back for when you leave it in the house

In the end though having the small piece of technology so powerful and being able to keep it right in your back pocket is actually really wonderful.


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