The Bugs Bunny Complex

As a child, myself and many other children watched Bugs Bunny or The Looney Toons . I for one, will only watch the old, versions that my parents would have watched and still to this day I love watching. These classic cartoons have been around since my parents were young, making kids laugh and entertained for years. By today’s standards its hard to get a good worth while show on, most T.V for kids can be considered brain numbing and awful. Kid’s television was once something you would wake up early for on a Saturday morning to watch, we don’t have that anymore. October 2013 was the last month to have this Saturday tradition that had been going on for over 60 years.

Even though children’s television is now less than desirable in many aspects, is it because we’re getting older and further from what we used to call entertainment? I don’t think so – but that could be because I’m no longer a kid.  If I were to watch of the more recent Disney programs 9 times out of 10 I’ll be disappointed. If you showed a program to a kid today lets say Bugs Bunny, they’re probably going to enjoy it because to them its all cartoons.

We grew up with our favourite cartoons, of course were still going to like them years later, yet now, when we see the newer cartoons, we might not like them as much – maybe its not because they’re “not good” (some are yes) but could it be because in all reality, we’re just getting closer to adulthood? The childlike love for all cartoons is slowly being lost by us.

Its funny to think what we thought to be great television as children was most likely hated by our parents, old cartoons the we grown up with are now being shown to the new generation as “great and better” than what they watch. its a vicious cycle of T.V. It’s odd to think that someday the cartoons we loved and grew up with wont be loved or relevant anymore by kids.


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