Unfriended – The Most Brilliant Movie This Month.

As much as I have to say it I recently indulged in a horror movie at Cinplex, now although I do consider myself to be a movie buff, I tend to stray away from the horror genre until I can watch from the comfort of my own home, not because I don’t enjoy these movies, I just scare easily, and at least if I have my blanket it hide under I’ll be safe. So after having nothing else to do on a Monday night, I went out with another couple, and Sean of course. Ten o’clock rolls around and the movie begins. Now if you haven’t seen the movie yet and plan to – stop reading there will most likely be plot spoilers ahead.

So the movie begins and we see the “Laura Barnes Suicide Video” the movie tag on the trailer was “Online your memories last forever but so do your mistakes” this spooky enough way to start the movie was really only the beginning of what was to come. Soon after we see the main girl in the movie Blaire, and her Boyfriend on Skype. Shortly after their friends join the chat does the fun begin, with a possible glitch that has entered the chat with them, they try and remove this random person – to no avail, yet continue to talk anyways. As the movie progresses we are left to think of the possible idea that this isn’t a glitch – its Laura. All in all the movie was okay, it could have been better like many horror movies usually could be – this one is still so much cleverer than the average.

At UNBSJ currently I’m studding along the ICS program, for those who don’t know which is probably all of you, its based on media in the daily lives of the world and the communication that constantly surrounds us. Now the reason I bring this up is because the only real reason I wanted to see this movie was almost as a standpoint of view from my almost degree.

This movie is just a computer screen that’s it – for over an hour you see is one solid computer screen, messenger services, Facebook, and Skype. For an entire movie to be based on nothing but a computer is so interesting to me. Ten years ago this could have never have been a successful movie – not only because these things didn’t exist – but it just wouldn’t hold up. People have became so bonded to their social media, and internet use that watching a horror movie on the topic of a piece of technology is nothing out of the ordinary and also could be considered enjoyable.

This movie is clearly aimed at a younger audience, the usage of media that most teens and young adults encounter everyday is as we already know quite predominant in this film. More so a younger female audience is targeted, from the movie, the “main computer” we see is from the viewpoint of Blaire, we see everything she does, even the risque opening chat with her boyfriend. Not only is this movie “Horror” it can be seen from my point of view to be polysemic – or having more than one core meaning or theme. So not only are we being faced with this scare tactic based movie, it can to me – be seen as a type of anti-bullying message. Laura Barnes, was bullied and tormented until she felt as suicide was the only option. Now this isn’t a great anti-bullying movie by any means – but with the amount of pre-teen and young adults going to see said movie, they might almost get the message that when you bully – people can and will get hurt. If just one kid walks away with that in their mind I think that this movie is a success. If just one kid decides to not online bully, even if they’re scared that the person will haunt them – I don’t care. Bullying is never an option to turn to.

All in all this movie was okay – I count it as a found footage “paranormal activity” type movie. Its lame jump scares and plot was less than desirable in most cases. Yet with a bit of work in the future we could in fact see a new type of sub genre in the horror industry. For what its worth I’m glad I seen it, as sub par as the movie goes, I still enjoyed it – mainly because I wanted to really dig into this film and analyse it as best as I could. It’s not normal to have a movie like this one, and for it to be doing so well, it can either show one of two things, either we have fallen so far in the aspect of entertainment that the simplest of low budget horror movies can keep us entertained for a 12.99 movie ticket. Or the horror genre is on to something so much bigger than what were ready for. Personally I hope for the latter. Like I said the movie was okay, and I know for a fact that the entertainment industry will pump out 4 more of these movies if they think they can make a buck off them, all I ask and hope for is the movies get better, with a better plot and better as a whole, but only time will tell.

This movie was clever, and new something the horror genre needs, just lacking a few principal points that could have made this movie so much more than what it was, the attempt was there as was a promise for something exciting, Unfriended fell short of my expectations, for it being such a stimulating movie.

Final rating for Unfriended: 2.5/5


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