Batman VS The Last of the Time Lords.

Any self proclaimed nerd will easily recognize these two icons of Sci-fi. In a world where the two co-exist, who would be the winner of a matchup between the two? As odd as the matchup may seem it’s interesting to think about. You have batman – the multi millionaire vigilante who saves the city of Gotham daily from villains of terror, where as the doctor (for arguments sake we won’t pick a specific numerical doctor – just the time lord as a whole) saves the earth and other planets and universes on the daily.  We have two very interesting and different sides to look at here.

Batman is one of the more aggressive super heroes, more likely to use gadgets and brute strength to take down a foe. Strength is no problem when it comes to the caped crusader, especially when looking at when Bane broke Batman’s back, leaving a broken man, but that didn’t stop him at all. Batman came back, stronger, ready to defeat Bane. With technology being such a rapidly increasing aspect of life and Bruce Wayne being a multi-millionaire, he can technically buy whatever he sees fit to use as a new toy. Including his tricked out, tanked armour, batmobile.  Batman may be a vigilante, yet he’s tough. You don’t always need superpowers to win a fight, and Batman is the prime example of this.

The Doctor – or better known as the last of the time lords is a alien technically. Non-Violent in most cases, witty and clever in all cases. As the last of the time lords keeping the Universe safe has become a new task and job for our loveable doctor. He’s not so much a superhero either – he does have two hearts and the ability to regenerate in times of dire need. Apart from that he’s almost a vigilante of the galaxy.  His weapon is a TARDIS (Space/Time Ship), and a sonic screwdriver – disarming weapons, operate computers, and so many other options makes this a very powerful tool.

Now as odd as it would sound, Batman would have the upper hand. Being the stronger of the two, yet The Doctor has something that no one else has – a sonic Screwdriver. Batman’s gadgets? Useless. Batmobile – useless. Any type of technology (Including the computer based software in the batsuit) would be useless. The Doctor can easily take down the main parts of Batman’s strength in seconds. Thats just it though, after the all the technology is done with you have only fighting. Which batman has the upper hand for sure. When it comes down to it – I think Batman would win, but not by much. It would be the closest fight ever it was actually really hard to pick between the two. In the end it would have to be Batman, technology can only work so well before all you have left is mind and body.


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