Jared Leto – The Joker we need.

CDZbuEiUUAAtGQbTo celebrate the recent 75th birthday of our favorite crazed villain, the first official look of Jared Leto’s Joker, has been released. The look we see is sporting many fitting tattoos, and the infamous green hair – purple glove combo. With the slight tinge of old red lipstick, and a pale complexion, this is truly a terrifying Joker. Sadly this menacing look isn’t how the Joker will look in the film. It was a merely a promo photo celebrating the 75 years. There will be no tattoos in actual Suicide Squad movie.

A menacing character needs a menacing look, and after the heart wrenching performance Heath Ledger gave us, people are going to be expecting and craving a performance, equal or greater than Ledger, and in saying that some people mightn’t be so easily swayed to see the new movie, because they’re so attached to the old Dark Knight series Joker – and thats fair. Warner Brothers and DC know that they are taking a risk with this movie. This will be one of the only Villain based movie, and when they’re already competing with Marvel studios (Where most people will go see any Marvel movie just based from the name) they need to take risks. Marvel took risks and they flourished. It took time – as most things do, but the company banded together, got their shit together and made a multiverse of Marvel comics in not only the cinematic, but also prime time T.V. D.C needs to take their time, and make sure they are making something worth watching.

With the Batman V.S Superman movie to be released soon this is just part one of the multiverse soon to be created by D.C and like all things you need to start off with a bang and end with a bigger boom. They need to woo the audience from the beginning, they’re are many people – like me, that will watch and buy the movies because we’re committed nerds. Some are also Marvel fanboys/girls, and will need to be persuaded to want to watch these movies also based on curiosity. So its really set up that it has to be good. Even if the Batman V.S Superman movie flops, thats where the Suicide Squad movie comes into play – this is their ace in the hole, or their risk to be more precise. If this movie does well, this could be the starting of a great series, and the beginning of an amazing Justice League.

Like I said people are going to see the new Batman V.S. Superman movies based on curiosity. They’ll expect something good, and also to compare it to the Avengers and the Marvel Series. People have been asking for a Harley Quinn movie for years, and now they have it. As long as D.C takes their time, and produces something worth watching. The Joker as of now looks like they’re taking their time, and doing something worth watching and as much as I hate to say it might give Marvel a run for their money- literally.


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