The Queen of Weird To Be the New American Horror.

This is old news I know, but with Jessica Lange leaving the American Horror Story family after 4 solid seasons a new female rockstar is needed. Who better to pick than the queen herself but Lady Gaga?  The Director Ryan Murphy took it upon himself to find an amazing choice for the upcoming season American Horror Story: Hotel. This Singer, is bound to have more screen time than in past productions such as Sin City: A Dame to Kill for. Regardless of what her role may be in this season I personally can see it being amazing.

Gaga is known for her weird style and performances, not only is she a singer, but the way she shows herself on a stage proves to me that she can also hold her own as an actress. Now it’s expected to see the older cast make a comeback such as Kathy Bates, and Evan Peters, so if all goes as planned, Gaga will make a smooth transition into the Hotel Season, and most importantly the American Horror Story Series itself.

The hotel theme is a good run point in my view as they claim this season is bringing a”reinvented” feeling to the series. Any Hotel can be made creepy, after seeing Haunted houses Asylums, Freak Shows, and Witches, it almost seems fitting to have a haunted Hotel to be next. Thats the only thing with American Horror Story – You at first thing a hotel series will automatically mean ghosts. Though thinking about the past seasons, a ghost season would almost seem too tame. We’ve seen so much “horror” that people are expecting the creepiest things possible. I hope they go back to good old fashion scaring techniques.

Letting the mind wander and run is the most effective tool in horror, I personally hope that instead of a jump scare of gross factor they use the viewers mind against them. Psychological horror in my view point is the best kind. Lady Gaga would be perfect at this, she has such a calm demeanor that she can appear to be so cool and reluctant and really work her way into the script to make you want to believe everything she has to say. Ryan Murphy could easily use this and make such an amazing series. Gaga is a great asset they have this season and I truly hope they use this asset to the best of their abilities.

Regardless of who is and isn’t in this series – here’s hoping for a good season of American Horror Story just as good as the first one. I’m sure there will be more to come as the information does as well. The new season is set for October, so for now we just have to wait.


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