The King Of Horror.

Stephen King, one of the most well known horror writers around. His work can make you scared of anything in the world. From corn fields and clowns King can write it all. This man has been keeping people afraid and giving them irrational fears for years, and I’m sure many more years to come. King is brilliant there is no doubt in my mind, not only are his books and stories some of the best in the horror genre. Now his writing is slowly being adapted into more and more movies and T.V series.

In the past some of the movies like IT scared a generation away from clowns for years. When you watch some of these movies now- IT-Pennywise-590given the time period they were made we’re less than desirable. So in saying that they’ve been slowly remaking these movies, Carrie, and IT – and even new stories based on King’s work is being made. In recent news , IT (or the one about the super creepy clown), has finally found a Pennywise. Will Pouter, even though he’s usually in the less terrifying roles is possibly in talks for the movie – I have high hopes for this film. The original was chilling and disturbing, plus it didn’t quite follow the book as it could have when the movie was originally made 30 years ago. Now with the remake being made the more advanced filming can be used. The first rendition of this was great I can only imagine how the new one will be.

The Visit is another adaptation of King’s writing, based off a short story two The-Visit-poster-590young kids go to their Grandparents house not knowing what’s really in store for the pair of them. Not only has King made things like Prom scary – but now Grandparents. This 1985 short story is a fresh theme for the horror genre, the only downfall I personally see is the directing of M. Night Shyamalan. This movie Shyamalan had financed, wrote and directed himself really shows he wants it made. Don’t get me wrong he can be a good director its the screenplay writing that doesn’t do it for me. Shyamalan is the master of “twists” in a movie – yet the twists aren’t always that good. Many people have been disappointed in the past over his work. In the past he was heavily nominated for various Best Picture and Screenplay awards. Yet recently its been the opposite – Worst Picture and Director (Seen Here). Hopefully, he’ll break this losing streak he’s been on. Hopefully King’s work will not be hacked apart to make another crappy “Twist” filled movie.

With King becoming more popular and the horror movie franchise needed some newer material this could be a beautiful friendship about to blossom. King is brilliant there’s no mistaking that whatsoever, and nows the time to make his work come to life.


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