Fear The Walking Dead.

AMC the clever bunch they are, knew what the people wanted and what they would respond to, Summer of 2015 fans all over will get something new and exciting to“Fear the Walking Dead”. This spinoff is interesting, it goes back to the beginning of the Zombie Apocalypse, when our dear old Rick was in a coma and oblivious to the chaos going on in the world. Thanks to this new series we can see what, and how this mess started.

The cast itself seems to be pretty solid so far, all seemingly to have some good quality productions on their resume, including Kim Dickens with Gone Girl  and Sons of Anarchy. So with the cast seemingly to be in tip top shape and filming underway in Vancouver, British Columbia.

So as the joker would say;

But with this new show airing soon, is this just a money grab for AMC? Some could say yes. This show will be completely off the record from the comics. AMC has a idea from the original and now have the power to do whatever they truly want. The original series has to have ties to the comic – or the fans would be rabid. This series doesn’t necessarily have those same restrictions. So its interesting to see how this show could and might be different from the original Walking Dead.

Like I said before, this series will not follow Rick and his “gang” aren’t playing a role. That is for now, we don’t know that a crossover in the future can’t happen – and who’s saying it won’t happen. Personally I hope it doesn’t, as much as I think this new series is a money grab, the two shows are separate and need to stay as such.  A new cast will be a breath of fresh air, and seeing how it all started will be even more so interesting.

Better Call Saul, another recent spinoff of AMC has been highly recepted among fans and critics alike; this could be promising for the new Walking Dead series. Vince Gilligan made one of the best series to hit television since I Love Lucy, and his spinoff could be just as good. Walking Dead, being as good as it is – could have the same outcome for their spinoff.

AMC is a smart broadcasting company, they know what they’re doing and what will bring them successes. Although this will most likely be a success, there is a slight chance it could flop. People are very committed with certain things, and fans are very committed with the “by the book” or in this case comic book. There could be some sour or hard feelings towards this new series, as it is not originally a part of The Walking Dead Comics. This could cause a shift in the ratings causing the renewal of the show unlikely.

Potentially can be a massive hit, maybe even bigger than the Walking Dead itself. It all depends on if AMC takes this show as a serious plot enhancer from the already massive Walking Dead series, or a bank account to fuel future programs. Either way Fear The Walking Dead is coming, and the only thing we have to do is watch and see what happens.

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2 thoughts on “Fear The Walking Dead.

  1. As I never watched the Walking Dead in the beginning stages nor have ever read the comics, I will be quite intrigued being able to watch something from the beginning. It could be a money grab but yet again, doesn’t money buy some sort of contentment?


    1. I have read some of the Walking Dead comics – thoroughly enjoyed them and the show for the most part. I also agree with you seeing this new show from the beginning will be nice.


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