Seventeen Years, Eight Movies, One Character – Wolverine.

Sadly sometimes the news of the nerd world isn’t always good. Hugh Jackman – better known as Wolverine is hanging up the claws after the release of his new coming movie Wolverine 3 (With an unknown plot at this time), but that’s it. That’s the last time we’ll see Hugh Jackman as Wolverine.

Now with the X-Men: Apocalypse set for release in 2016 the role of Wolverine has yet to be confirmed. Hugh Jackman has also yet to be seen on set during filming. Yet there are recent synopsis developments showing that Gambit (Possibly being played by Channing Tatum) and Wolverine may play a part regardless of how minor that role is is still unknown.

Now X-Men has been in the cinematic world for a long time since early 2000 to be exact. Also it has been a major threshold for FOX bringing in millions of dollars. The only thing FOX needs to do is keep Wolverine – but not as a show stealer. Just as a background character, he needs to share the screen. People love Hugh Jackman – and they love Wolverine. I don’t think the fans are ready for a X-Men movie without Wolverine. They need to put him on the back burner, focus on the other team members of the X-Men. Hopefully they’ll stick to the solo films to focus on Wolverines “harrowing visions of his past”.

In the comics, Marvel has released the “Death of Wolverine” series. Now this could be the line they’ll chose for the untitled plot of Wolverine’s third installment. That is if Jackman really does call it quits, but there’s always other options. They could just get a new actor completely, not that it would be a good idea either. Seeing as continuity is a major part of the Marvel franchise, both with its fans and the company itself.

Regardless on how they go about this they need to have a plan. Hugh Jackmans place is up in the air, and the outcome isn’t looking good at this time. The plan might not be be one that all the fans like – but you can only work with the cards you’re dealt.


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