Indiana Jones – Coming to a Theatre Near You – Maybe.. Soon.

That’s right a new Indy movie has been confirmed! Disney had released the promise of a new film. There is no plot, or release date yet – but eventually. Eventually we’ll have a new movie, so thats something to be excited about! Seeing as there is no plot lines, or development of the film, its nice to have a confirmation, not just empty rumours and false hope about the fifth installment. Although it has been mentioned that maybe a young, reboot was needed. A Indy film without Harrison Ford ?! My heart mightn’t be able to handle it, but he’s not a young buck anymore.

Harrison Ford, starring in the Indiana films thus far, but, at the ripe old age of 72 it may be time to pass the torch – or in this case the whip. Ford is currently involved with the new Star Wars movie, reprising his role of Han Solo. For all these “old” movies to get sequels, it’s hard for the original actors to play them. I love Harrison Ford, I think he’s amazing in every aspect (I mean have you seen Air Force One?) but, there’s no denying it, he’s aging. This could be a good time for him to “retire” from the game. Still have him play a part in the film – and yes have him reprise the role of Indy, but maybe some young blood to takeover the role is a good idea. Then with the aid of Disney the movie’s can continue, creating a new cinematic adventure for the youth of today.

Regardless, we’ve been promised a new Indy film that’s what matters here. Now that Disney owns the rights, we (hopefully) won’t get another “Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.” Although I’m sure, that Harrison Ford will be included somehow – he is after all the original and only Indiana Jones we know.


2 thoughts on “Indiana Jones – Coming to a Theatre Near You – Maybe.. Soon.

  1. I think Brendan Fraser would make a fabulous Indiana Jones, if he is still around. I am glad to see another movie in the works. I am a Harrison Ford fanboy. I’ll watch him in anything.

    I visited your blog because you commented at Comparative Geeks, and I picked this post because the image grabbed me ,just so you know. Good job there! I also followed you here and on Twitter. I am @Sourcererblog over there, if you wonder why an odd Twitter account with fantasy art for a profile image followed you 😉


    1. I agree! That would be a good pick if need be plus I’m the same I’ll watch Indy anything! – thank you for visiting and following! Much appreciated that you enjoy my writing/blog.


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