Small but Mighty – Asa Butterfield As the New Spider-Man.

Nerds everywhere exploded with the news that we have a new Spider-Man. The little munchkin Asa Butterfield. Now past posts like Awkward Teenager – Or just Spider-Man and The Golden Age Of Spider-Man Is Upon Us have touched about the concept and the casting of the idea of Marvel having Spiderman rights. Now that we finally have an actual face to the name. Some, aren’t happy saying that Butterfield is “too young” yet people seem to forget that Peter Parker is in high school. Yes thats right folks, the vigilante, “friendly neighbourhood” Spiderman is a High School Student. So it only makes sense that they picked a young actor.

Butterfield, was a good choice by far, with some pretty good movies under his belt. So we know he’s a good actor, and Marvel clearly sees something in him. Marvel has personally picked the perfect actor/actress and created the multi billion dollar cinematic universe. Faith must be had for the choices Marvel makes, and compared to the absolute crap that was given to us by Sony in the past. (Not pointing any fingers but I’m looking at you Amazing Spider-Man 2) So could Butterfield really be any worse than what we’re used to with Sony? No.

A Civil War is starting, and everyone is lining up to join the fight. How they incorporate Spider-Man into the film is up to them. For now I’m just glad that the promise of Spider-Man within Marvel’s grasp is being kept.


One thought on “Small but Mighty – Asa Butterfield As the New Spider-Man.

  1. Great post [now that i finally found your blog] – must admit i am a lot more nervous about DC future than Marvel cos they have a lot to prove and have made a lot of risky choices but if it works out then Boom!


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