The Champions of Prime Time; DC Comics For the Win.

DC and Marvel, forever competing in a pissing contest. Where Marvel has a tight grip on the Cinematic aspect, DC is tightening in on the television prime time. With shows like Arrow, Gotham and The Flash, and a new series Legends of Tomorrow upcoming in 2016; DC has built a bigger television multiverse than Marvel has. Not only are they stealing the spotlight now, they also have eight more shows in development and three shows that have been ordered for full series and one for a pilot. The pilot would be the AMC show Preacher I’ve talked about this show in the past post AMC and Their Potential for Greatness. DC knows T.V, and if they plan to make a T.V universe they would do quite well with it.

Now by no means am I an expert of any DC content. I’ll be the first one to admit I’m a Marvel Fangirl, however with all the content that DC is pumping out I’m really starting to get into their stuff as well. With the prime time shows, like Gotham and Arrow, people can easily get into the shows bringing them into the comic nerd world. Which is pretty smart that they’re getting people interested now, before they start releasing all their planned movies in the next five years or so. By having all these newer people invested in the T.V shows, might make it more likely that they’ll want to see the all the movies leading up to the Justice League release. Not only are they making such a broad range of T.V to enjoy they’re making shows like Arrow and The Flash connect int Legends of Tomorrow – an “Avenger sized” team, but on T.V inserted, which will be highly interesting to see how it turns out and how the fans take it.

Marvel – has left most of their T.V productions to Netflix like Daredevil, and the upcoming Jessica Jones. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and Agent Carter are the only two that are on the Prime Television. Unlike DC, Marvel produced movies, before the shows. It’s only been recently that all the Marvel shows have been coming out. Most likely as a competitor towards the DC side. One thing that DC again has one upped Marvel on is the non-superhero comic-to-T.V. series. Agian that would be the pilot of Preacher. DC is branching out, and that’s relatively smart.

Compare the two lists of Marvel T.V and DC T.V shows. you can readily see a difference in who is more serious about the television production. DC is going to bring themselves great success with this, and if their shows are going to be as good as the movies they plan to release, I’m heavily excited to make room on my movie shelf. Right now I have a full row of Marvel and would love a DC shelf as well. So please, DC listen to my plea, and don’t disappoint, keep the T.V standard in your movies and everyone will be more than happy.


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