Framing, Words, and Sounds In Comic and Manga

Within the types of Comics and Manga, they are different ways to tell the story. By using certain framing, words, and sound effects, the way the comic or manga is read can completely change. These effects make the comics more immersive for the reader and engage them during the reading. However, there are still is continuing differences between the use of these tools in Comics and Manga.

Comics use a wide variety of these effects, the colours, sounds, and word choice can completely change meanings of the story. Superhero comics, tend to use many sounds effects to help demonstrate what may be happening, it may be a fight or even a car crash. These sounds can  This would coincide with the type of frame that is used. Framing in some comics could be a close up of a face, this camera angle would draw your eye directly to the face of the character where you could see what the emotional expression is. Individual readers decide what is the centre of the panel or what is important to each page. Comics unlike film do not move so the personal aspect of what you see could differ from someone else. Even the way the word bubbles are formed can show many types of actions, if a baseball player shot a home run the bubble may look more jagged and pop out to show the excitement of the home run. The different shapes and sizes of the words will also convey a certain point, comics are not film, therefore the way you need to convey point differ, it’s up to the reader to respond to the comic itself.

Magna however, takes a different route than comics, comics would use a wide amount of colour, Magna tends to stick to a black/white, or pink/white colour scheme. Even the base of Magna can be split up for girls – Shojo and boys – Shonen. Framing also is slightly different from comics, there often will be full page sequences, or aspect to aspect. This would draw your eye to a certain point or section of the page, with these large pages you can easily spot a major part of the panel in which you should focus on. Sound effects can be quite useful if there is a possibility of a fight sequence, or in many cases an alarm going off in many Shojo manga books.

Comics and Manga both do one thing, tell a story. The framing, words, and sound effects, can completely change the way the reader sees the story. Effects whether it is sounds, or word bubbles, this can help the artist convey their stories. The differences between comics and manga may be prominent, but both still show the a story.


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