11 Movies, One Franchise – Ranking the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

We’re nearing the end of Phase two of Marvel’s cinematic universe, 11 movies have been put out – some much better than others. Yet at the same time all amazing nonetheless. It all started with Iron Man – and seven years later were left halfway through this wonderful journey. Now here’s my personal opinion in ranking – thus far for the marvel movies.

11. The Incredibile Hulk – Well it wasn’t hard to pick number 11, because the Incredible Hulk just wasn’t incredible for me. Now this version is much better than the 2003 version by far, and it isn’t so much that it’s terrible – just skippable maybe? The Avengers was the unveiling of the new Dr. Banner, so this movie became rather obsolete towards the rest of the phases. If you’re a big fan watch it – but if you couldn’t be bothered you won’t be missing anything. The movie felt as if is was lacking something, and the script wasn’t done overly well either. This is the reason why it’s sitting at number 11.

10. Iron Man 2 – Now this is a sequel, so generally you think with Marvel being the smart company they are would easily make a good sequel, yet here they fell a little flat. They had a lot to live up to after the first Iron man, and with Iron Man 2 having a Top A cast with Don Cheadle and Mickey Rourke it’s a shame that they weren’t better used in this film, even worse is when Black widow is introduced (barley) Scarlett Johansson is a major asset to the Marvel Cinematic world and it;s a shame they didn’t utilize her more. Tony attitude and snark is what really made this movie watchable. Iron Man 2 is still good in my books, but I find myself reaching for this movie less than what I would be for other Marvel movies. It’s not that this movie sucks, it could have been better. That’s why it’s number ten on my list.

9. Captain America: The First Avenger – Now with much thought and deliberation I had come down to good old cap to be number 9. This movie is wonderful, at least the first half is. The last little bit of the movie was a drag. The love story is one of the best done by Marvel, as Steve and Peggy work so well together, But I feel that for Captain America to be the “First” Avenger, this should have been a much better movie as a whole, not just the first 40 minutes or so. This movie wasn’t boring, but it was as action packed as it could be, I mean this movie is set in the 1940’s war era. I know most will not agree as Cap being at a solid number 9 but, to me, thats where he should be.

8. Thor – I love this movie. Thor being my favorite Avenger as well. Although as much as I love it, I still realize it’s not top five material. This movie did a good job introducing the characters, and showing that Thor is not of this world. There was only a few problems I had with this movie, Natalie Portmans role as Jane Foster wasn’t the best – and I don’t mean her acting because that was good. What im talking about it the love story between her and Thor – it just wasn’t there. Tom Hiddleston did an amazing job as the trickster Loki, and really stole the show. For me “Thor” should have really been called “Loki”. Not that I’ll ever complain I love this movie more than most.

7. Thor Dark World – Once again I love Thor, but there was still a few problems in this movie for me, as a sequel can go this one is damn good. Malekith (Christopher Eccleston), who could possibly be Marvel’s dullest villain to date. Also with a plot line mainly directed to the War Criminal Loki, Thor almost seems as if he is a background character rather than the main event. With light bits of humour here and there and badass female characters, this movie has a good potential, and hopefully we’ll see the full potential for Thor’s next stand alone film Ragnarok in 2017.

6. Iron Man – The movie that started it all, the movie that has gave us so much to look forward to. This movie is what introduced us the the Marvel world and for that I will always love it. The writing is done so well, and Robert Downey Jr’s portrayal of Iron Man is top notch. His sarcasm and sass are just as if you were reading lines right out of the comic itself, and the action is just as good. The movie did a good job in setting up this universe we have now. Job well done when it came to the making of this movie.

5.  Iron Man 3 – This movie is good, I love being able to see Tony Stark out of the suit more than he’s in the Iron Man suit. This movie takes place after the Avengers, and really has a special part in my heart. Not only is the humor prominent, but this movie also shows that even superheroes can have problems. Tony faces a battle against anxiety, and himself, and for myself who suffers from anxiety, it’s easy to see the intelligence in this script. This movie twists and turns keep you on the ball, and for the first time in an Iron Man movie you are entertained for both halves of the movie. We’re finally getting into who Tony really is and it only took three movies to do as such.

4. Captain America: The Winter Soldier – Now this might come as a surprise for some, as there are some people who believe that this movie is the best Marvel movie to date. It’s good – but not the best. Winter Soldier brought the story to where it needed to be, with Bucky back as the Winter Soldier himself, Falcon and Agent 13 who are major components in the later movies. This movie was filled with action and basically changed the game of whats to come for the entire Marvel universe.

3. The Avengers – This movie did such a good job one bringing all these different characters and making them work. The filming is perfect and the story is even better. The fact that Loki is the main villain is even better because who doesn’t love a trickster. I wouldn’t call this movie perfect but it’s pretty close. The actors work well with one another, and the script and plot were also pretty damn good as well, The only reason why it’s not number one is because with a lot of thought and deliberation, I had to make a choice and this one just wasn’t quite it.

2. Avengers: Age of Ultron – Now this wasn’t an easy choice, the top three are all number one in my heart in some way. The only reason that Ultron surpassed the first Avengers installment is based off the fact that what it has set up for the future. This movie covered so much that I sat in the theatre multiple times to enjoy it. This work of wonder has given us The Vision, Scarlet Witch, and something to look forward to in phase three. You do, however have to be familiar with some of the backstory in this movie, which is a slight downfall. Not only was the movie filled with action, the humor is simply top notch. For this movie to be as serious as it is, they still manage to fit the same wit in this film unlike any other. Quite possibly having the best Villain possible, Ultron makes your skin crawl as he sings his rendition of “there are no strings on me”. This is easily one of my favorite movies and deserves such a high spot of anyones list.

1. Guardians of the Galaxy – Perfection. That’s all this movie is, good humor, plot, and soundtrack. The soundtrack is for me – what puts it above the rest, because not only are we getting such a perfect movie, we also have this soundtrack to follow. The cast is simply amazing and work so well together. Not only are we left with this amazing piece of work, some people don’t even realize how much this movie sets up. The Infinity stones, Thanos, and even the infinity war. After rewatching this movie so many times, and the humour still holding up along with the story is what’s important to me as a fan. This is easily one of the best movies in the franchise, and I cannot wait to see the next one. For any Marvel fan or anyone trying to get into the franchise this is the movie to watch.

So, thats my list, I’d love to hear what you think. Agree or disagree I love to hear from you all.


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