Horror Nights – Coming Soon.

With Halloween soon approaching, its almost my favourite time of year – Horror movie extravaganza. Nothing is greater than being able to watch countless horror movies all day and night and not have someone think you’re an absolute nutter (well they might, but it’s fall so it’s okay). So in saying this, there’s a few upcoming movies that I wanted to touch on.

First and foremost – Crimson Peak. A good old fantasy horror to start off with, from the brilliant mind of Guillermo del Toro. Crimson Peak seems to be very Pan’s Labyrinth in the fantasy department. This movie, has more of a horror undertone, it’s more likely to scare and thrill.  I look forward to this production, mostly based on the director’s past work, and also the fact that Tom Hiddleston is playing a role. Most, would know him as Loki, from Marvel’s Thor. His work is always passionate and well done. The storyline is pretty basic, she writes ghosts stories, and then the ghost stories come true, still could be something exciting though. So here’s hoping that Crimson Peak is something to look forward to this Horror season.

 Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension the (hopefully) last movie in this series. For some a cheap scare and bad plot is all they want in a horror movie, but for some (like myself) I want something that’s not utter shit. Many will be excited for this to come out as they have been patiently waiting for the story to reach a conclusion or at least some sort of explanation for the years and hours of wasted time. By the looks of it, it’s back to the original house of Katie and Micah from the first (and only decent) movie of the series. Apart from that, I’m almost certain that this movie will be a hit among the teenagers who can’t handle spooky background music. 

The Green Inferno is the last of the movies for today. This cannibalistic, gore, horror film is one of the more promising for the halloween season. With a group of activists trying to make a difference find themselves in a bit of a pickle. Eli Roth has created a movie that is unlike others its not your classic, ghost in the bedroom horror.


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