M. Night Shyamalan’s Success, Is it Just a “Visit” Or is This the New Normal?

It’s no secret that Shyamalan’s past has been less than desirable. With his past movies offering nothing but an excuse of a twist and a less than solid plot line. His new movie “The Visit” is a great example that things can get better. Based off of a Stephen King short this creepy movie makes something everyone loves horrifying – Grandparents.

This movie surrounded by love. Sibling to Sibling, Parent to Child, and Child to Grandparent. In some cases the “love” might not be felt by all. The mother of the movie, or Loretta is burdened with her past with her parents, after leaving rather harshly and abruptly she nor her parents have spoken or seen on another for over 10 years. She then surrenders her children up as she claims “is like a divorce settlement” for one week so they can meet their Nana and Poppop. As much as this sounds like a wonderful time away, no horror movie would be complete without creepy ass shit. With the children on their way they decided to film the trip, Becca (the oldest) alongside Tyler, appear to be having a wonderful time with their grandparents. Thats until the inevitable happens – things get weird.

For a horror movie you would expect nothing but cheap scares and creepy soundtracks. This had something I wasn’t used to though, humour; This movie has a well over a dash of comedic relief something that almost never happens in these “intense” types of movies. It was nice to see something like this that made you laugh in between those nail biting moments. Right up until the famous Shyamalan twist which after is just a face paced rigmarole of a horror movie.

So with a good balance of Horror, comedy and twists. This is surprisingly a good movie. Shyamalan is a good director, sadly he’s been dealt with a hand of shitty movies to work with. With features like The Village, and Lady in the Water, there hasn’t been much of a success rate for him as of recent. Which is an absolute shame when you think of the others movies that has been in his resume; Like the Sixth Sense and Signs. Shyamalan isn’t a bad director, he just had some bad luck mid career. Also giving that he had two of the best movies of his career right off the bat is doesn’t help that some of his other movies fell flat.

The Visit was a good fresh movie for Shyamalan, he needed this for his career not to fall flat as the prairies. The Visit was such a breath of fresh air for the Horror genre. It’s not that it was scary, or terrifying it just kept you guessing until the very end. I liked that, it’s not often that I have a movie making me clasp my hands to my face in shock. The only problems I can see with it maybe just a little predicable. Although, I thoroughly enjoyed the twist and the ending.

If you’re looking for something new, something to joke about with friends, and something pretty damn creepy for the upcoming halloween season. This is the movie for you.

Final Rating for The Visit 4.6/5


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