Can Deadpool Become the Reason we Forgive Fox?

As most people know, there’s a Deadpool movie coming out. If you didn’t know that – you live under a rock. Deadpool, even though he is all over the Marvel universe is sadly considered a Mutant, therefore 20th Century Fox holds the movie rights to this smooth talking, merc with a mouth. this isn’t the first time we have seen this anti-hero on the big screen. X-Men Origins (2009) is technically the first time we seen a theory of Deadpool. Now I say theory because that version was the farthest thing from Deadpool I could have ever imagined. That movie was one of the few reasons was Fox is on my list (Like Sheldon Cooper list).

Fox is one of the biggest movie production companies out there, that’s why I can never understand why in the hell they have to shit all over the Marvel movie franchise. They have the rights to X-Men (one of the most vast group of heroes in Marvel), Fantastic Four, and Deadpool. Now last time I checked the first three X-men movies made me die a little on this inside (We’re for sure not going to talk about X-Men: The Last Stand). X-Men Origins make me want to fly to Fox Studios and destroy any evidence of that movie ever being made. Not to mention the newest Fantastic movie, to which I can’t even say how bad it was, because I couldn’t get through the entire movie. As far as the most recent X-Men movie, that was okay, but in saying that it’s pretty bad they have to make a movie JUST TO FIX THE OTHER MOVIES. Anyways – that rant is over.

Now, back to the point. Deadpool is out today. I have my tickets for the first showing. 7pm, and I can’t wait. This is the first time in a long time, that I’m excited about going to a Fox Marvel movie. Now hopefully, if this is done right as it should be this is going to show Fox that putting the time and effort into doing a movie right, makes all the difference. Not to mention making this an R rated movie. For once they’re making the movie right, and they’ll see how important it is to think of the fans. If they do this right I forgive Fox, for everything. The Deadpool movie is Fox’s apology letter and I’ll accept that apology.


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