Critics- Do They Make a Difference?

“Que Sera, Sera, whatever will be will be, the future’s not ours to see” – Doris Day

We have to put a lot of our faith in others in our everyday lives. Some of this “faith” can be for a variety of things, but one of the hardest things is behind is a movie adaptation. Weather it be a book, comic, or even a game. Nothing can quickly south as a movie adaptation. Mainly I’m going to focus on the comic theme here, because there are too many books made into movies that has absolutely been the most disappointing thing, and I can not relive that horror (I’m looking at you Stephen King)  What I want to take a look at is the most recent comic adaptation Batman V Superman.

First and foremost, I liked Batman V Superman. It was dark, it was different, and the score was amazing. However it was not without its faults.The script was messy and the plot was hard to follow at times if you did not carry any prior comic knowledge before seeing the movie. Batman being one of the strongest selling points for me in this movie. Ben Affleck plays an amazing Batman and Bruce Wayne, not something we have really gotten before. For an adaptation like this it’s hard, trying to squeeze so much content into such little time frame can actually seem impossible.

The other major issue is the critics. Just like Batman V Superman, it was announced a day or two prior to the release that it was “Rotten” on Rotten Tomatoes. The movie itself sits at a 27%. Where as the audience score is much higher with 67% of people liking it. Yes the movie had its faults but with the critics going in with the torches and pitchforks already out it doesn’t give the movie much of a chance. When there’s such a negative response to the movie even before its out for the public, it’s going to make it hard for the public to enjoy it. The entire movie what they’ll be focused on the terrible things that was mentioned. Batman V Superman was not as unfortunate as it was made to sound.

I went into the movie with an open mind and liked it. I made an attempt to see it differently than a Marvel movie. I won’t lie, I seen the movie twice. I didn’t want to dislike this movie, but the first showing of the movie made me hate everything DC. I hated Zack Snyder, I was mad at Ben Affleck, and I was most of all worried for the future of the DC universe. So I took a deep breath, and had to remind myself – this is not a Marvel movie. Batman V Superman was not meant in anyway to be light and fluffy. The makers of this film did what they thought was best and at the end of the day you have to respect that.




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