Marvel or Monsters?

What makes the Marvel movies as great as they are? Apart from the CGI, and the characters we know and love – the extended universe is what brings it all together. So what if we had movie characters that we already know and love; and turned them into a “Dark Universe”? Well if you were ever looking for the Wolfman and Dracula to be in the same world you are in luck. Universal is clapping back at the highly successful Marvel franchise with and extended Monster-verse.

So far it looks like we can see classics like The Mummy, Dracula, Frankenstein (and his bride), Invisible Man, Wolfman, and most interestingly enough Van Helsing. The Mummy being the start of this new refreshed world. My biggest concern is how all Dr-Jekyll-Mummy.jpgthese different worlds will collide; Now with monsters it is relatively easy to make it all “one world”, but to brand them together in an Avengers-esque team almost seems impossible – or so I thought.  Dr. Henry Jekyll (Russell Crowe) will make an appearance within The Mummy,  what his specific role is in the movie is still unanswered, however I can almost guarantee that he will be a big part to the rest of the series. With a team – the most important thing is the glue; what’s bringing them all together? In Marvel’s Avengers it’s none other than Nick Fury. Quite possibly for our “monster mash” it could be none other than Dr. Henry Jekyll. The Mummy never included Dr. Jekyll in any original, so in my theory he must be here for an important reason.

Although what is some exciting news Universal has stated that keeping classic designs of the monsters was incredibly important to them. People of all ages have fell in love with these characters and ruining what people already know and love can be a risky move. By keeping these “classic looks” it seems like Universal is committed to this long term project.

All I hope is that the movies aren’t passive pg 13 movies. Nothing I would love more than seeing a spooky, scary remakes of these classics. I love being scared, and I honestly hope that these movies aren’t toned down to a point where you don’t even realize you are watching horror movie icons.  The idea is most definitely unique and I can’t wait to see where it goes.




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