The Real Wonder Woman – Patty Jenkins.

After a hard and long fight, the cinematic world has finally gotten what its been asking for – A Wonder Woman movie. Now once upon a time I wrote a little ditty when Wonder Woman had just been announced. The director at the time (Michelle MacLaren) seemed like an amazing choice. She was a strong director and most importantly Female. With projects like the Walking Dead, Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad behind her belt this seemed like a match made in heaven. MacLaren was a very driven director and was looking for action – and lots of it. Creative minds sometimes do not think alike, where the studio wanted a more Character driven movie and ultimately MacLaren left the project.

In comes the women who really did save the day – Patty Jenkins. Also a seasoned T.V. director like MacLaren, but with a different perspective. Character building. Now if you’re like me nothing is greater than a movie that presents enough backstory for one to really attach themselves to a story. Thankfully that is exactly what Jenkins gave us – good character development and more. Unfortunately going into a comic book movie without any prior knowledge can be hard.  For the extended Marvel Universe it would be hard to jump into some of the later movies (i.e. Civil War, Avengers Age Of Ultron) without seeing the proper predecessors. With Wonder Woman there is no fear of this. The movie starts, and then it ends, there is nothing about the future of the extended universe. If you did not see Batman Vs Superman, there would be no need to sound the alarm as this is a standalone feature. Wonder Woman provides a backstory, it lets you really settle in with the characters on screen. Jenkins did a superb job on making this a movie anyone can enjoy.

In over 15 Marvel and DC movies, this is the first to be solely directed by a female and the first to be a female lead character. There is an immense amount of pressure to get this right. Not only will it shape the DC universe, but essentially this could shape Hollywood into a different state of mind. Thanks to Patty Jenkins, someday the headline won’t say “Taking a chance” with a female director,  because the gender of the director will no longer matter. The only thing that should, and hopefully someday will matter is talent.  Hollywood is driven by money and money alone, with how well this movie did with a female director should be the start of something.

I for one look forward to what is to come with the DC universe. Wonder Woman brought so much to the screen. A kickass role model, an awesome soundtrack, and a bright future. When one movie goes right, the rest should (I hope) follow.  Patty Jenkins is the real Wonder Woman, because of her hard work rumor has it that Batman and The Flash are being rebuilt from the ground up. Movies like Batgirl, are being greenlit for production. So with a 103 million dollar opening weekend box office with Wonder Woman – Welcome to the DC universe Patty Jenkins.


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