Impactful Books are the best Books.

There’s nothing better than a good book. At least that’s what my mother always used to tell me, I remember being little and reading like it was going out of style. Harry Potter being one of my most loved series, has just turned to big 2-0. That’s right everyone feel old. Harry Potter is twenty years old. First and foremost what I want to say is thank-you, to J.K. Rowling, because without her many people wouldn’t have had not only the love of reading but a means of escape. A book that is impactful stays with you forever. Sure, some people will say they hate Harry Potter, but maybe these books just didn’t hit them the way it hit others and that’s okay.

Harry Potter could quite possibly be one of the most impactful books of this generation for sure, but something is very special about this series. It has reached out and put a smile on so many different faces of all ages. What makes this even more special it the fact that kids all over are picking up the Philosopher’s Stone for the first time and getting to experience what we all did at one point. Books like Harry Potter are going to last a lifetime.

“I read so I can live more than one life in more than one place.”

– Anne Tyler

The writing styles of J.K. Rowling is nothing this world will ever see again. Not only does each book grow with the reader, but you almost got to grow up with the characters as the books were being released. The books get darker, so as you get older your interest in the series doesn’t fade. I could go on all day of how wonderful Harry Potter is honestly. This series made all of us, and I mean all of us – really believe that we could be a witch or wizard, and our letter just got lost. In my life, I have never known a world without Harry Potter, nor would I want a world without it. This is something that will stick with me, and many others for another 20 years and beyond that.

For me it has always been Harry Potter. That was my book growing up, and I know it’s never going to just “go away”. What I do know is that they’ll be something else for the next generation, and that’s amazing. Kids, and adults too need a love for reading, it takes them away from the stress of life. It reminds you that at the end of the day, it’s all going to be okay. Books that make an impact are the best books. As long as people need a reason to escape, books will be there – Harry Potter will be there.


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