The Pixar Theory

Upon browsing the internet today I came across a neat little theory; All the Pixar movie coincide within the same universe. Now bear with me on this, I thought the same thing too – that’s insane. All the different characters and stories, how could any of it be connected. What we can confirm is that Pixar is always putting nods to past movies within one another. Now could his actually mean something or are we all just crazy? That’s probably something we’ll never know.

Now the main point to this theory starts all from Brave. Where Merida finds out that magic is real, and because of this magic animals and inanimate objects can act odd or almost human. So that could very well set up LOADS of Pixar movies. Almost all of them in fact. You have all these different characters, some being human – most are not. Now, Disney being the clever people they are could in fact make this connected little world a real thing; but t

here is the very major fact that people are crazy and can take any small connection and make it into a massive mountain. You can read more into the theory here.

After reading about this theory it made me think a little harder about some other movies. Disney movies to be exact, all the little nods to different movies in one another, could this mean like Pixar, that they are all set it one universe also? Maybe.


It all starts off with Frozen, at the end of the movie you can clearly see Rapunzel and Flynn Rider entering the castle. So right there we have the two Royal families are in fact connected. So we at least have the knowledge that this is in a coexisting world. All over in Disney there are small nods to different movies. The ship that Ariel in The Little Mermaid, finds, could that be he ship that Elsa and Anna’s parents crashed? The opportunities are endless and could mean that Disney is all one extended universe.

This could be the same as the Pixar theory, real – or just a simple nod to the past movies they’ve worked so hard on. Regardless of that I highly recommend reading into the Pixar theory because after I can say I’m a believer. Maybe someday we will get confirmation on whether or not anything is actually tied together. Who knows, maybe that’s the long end game plan for pixar is an extended universe that we have no idea about just yet. Regardless, I’ll be happy either way.


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